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'The production of value from the poetics of difference'

Boundaryobject is a research and development agency created by Bronac Ferran, curator of interdisciplinary processes. She is working nationally and internationally in the spaces between art, design, ecology, science, technology, law and policy.

Aims - Boundaryobject :

  • enhancing support structures for artists and others interested in working across disciplinary, social and technological boundaries

  • researching and curating new forms of interdisciplinary practice
  • exploring new communication processes for distribution and dissemination of contemporary ideas

  • building networks to encourage knowledge transfer and collaborative exchange across institutional and disciplinary boundaries

  • encouraging enhanced critical discourse about interdisciplinary trends

  • informing policy developments with respect to new forms of contemporary art particularly in relation to legal and ownership challenges 

  • situating contemporary interdisciplinary practice within a historical framework for purposes of research and critical debate

Bahia. Picture: London Fieldworks