Advantages and Disadvantages of Anavar Supplement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anavar Supplement

Anavar also called with famous name Oxandrolone is the most popular supplement in the sports industry. This supplement is used by both men and women during competition for cutting cycles. Anavar is either consumed alone or stacked with other supplements for effective results. It is mainly used to increase strength and enhance the muscle mass of the athletes. Anavar is known to be a mild supplement yet powerful one for cutting cycles.  This is an anabolic steroid which is mainly used in oral form. It is a fat burning booster which aids in the fat burning process.

Anavar in Oral Form

Anavar is best consumed in the oral form as tablets.  However, one can get the same results as used in an injectable form. If you are looking for a simple tablet which can be consumed easily and twice in a day, then Anavar is the best choice for you. Anavar, unlike other supplements, does not convert into estrogen and hence there is less amount of water retention. There are several oral Anavar products which are available online. Online shopping also helps in picking up at the right reviews thereby choosing the best product online. The ideal intake of Anavar is the dose of 8 x 10 mg pills.

Advantages of Anavar

Due to its immense property of cutting muscles, Anavar possess many advantages when compared to other supplements.

1) Anavar for Cutting

Anavar is an excellent supplement that is used for cutting cycles. Usually, bulkers go for cutting cycle after the bulking cycle gets over. Cutting Cycle includes producing lean muscle mass with lesser fat content in the body. While helping to lose body fat, Anavar helps in cutting muscles well before an athlete reaches the competition.

2) Anavar for Strength

Anavar is used to increase the strength of the muscles in the body. Since bodybuilders depend on strength and stamina during a competition, Anavar improves the strength of the body and helps in achieving expected results in a shorter duration of time.

3) Anavar for Energy

Energy is very much needed for sustaining in a competition. Anavar acts as an energy enhancer by increasing the stamina and energy of the bulkers. This energy increases metabolism and serves as the component for boosting up the stamina.

Disadvantages of Anavar

Although Anavar is known to showcase several advantages, it also has many disadvantages. These disadvantages are mainly due to over dosage and poor quality of Anavar products.

1) Fertility Problems

One of the major drawbacks of Anavar is that when the dosage is not followed correctly, then female athletes may face fertility problems. Also, it is recommended that pregnant women should not intake supplements for quicker results as it causes issue in the pregnancy cycle.

2) Respiratory Problems

Another major drawback of not following the prescribed dosage of the supplement is that athletes may face respiratory problems because of this. This side effect ranges from being very severe to mild cold and cough. Thus, to avoid such disadvantages, it is advisable to follow a proper dose of 8×10 mg pills of Anavar ideally.

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