Careers and jobs that work with wood

Careers and jobs that work with wood

Plotting a career path is one of the hardest tasks’ teenagers are asked to do. With almost no information about the world at large, they are expected to pick out a future for themselves and start working towards it. It is high pressure stuff and there is a tendency for counsellors to push jobs like teaching, law and medicine. The reality is that there are hundreds of options and fields out there, many which are never discussed or even though about. For example, there are loads of people, usually guys, but not exclusively so, who love trees and wood. Very few counsellors would tell you to consider a career working with trees or wood, which is a shame really, because there are some incredible jobs in this field.

You can still get a qualification

One of the reasons that guidance counsellors like to suggest teaching and law as careers is that you are able to get a degree or a qualification in this area. Qualifications are security and proof that you are trained at what you do. But, interesting, if you find the right institution you can probably get a qualification in your field of interest. For example, if you want to be a carpenter you can study for a certificate iii in carpentry. The course obviously has a big practical component but there is also theory and technical drawing. It would cover a wide range of topics and equip you for a career as a carpenter or joiner.

Tree Surgery

Here is another career that can involve a degree in botany and a love for trees. Based outdoors with a blend of physical work and understanding of nature, tree surgeons look after trees. Traditionally operating in urban areas, the tree surgeon is the person who helps to ensure that man and tree are able to live side by side in harmony. Rotted branches, boughs that are interfering with wires or roof tiles are cut back, roots trained or removed, and general maintenance are all the domain of the tree surgeon.

Lumberjacks and foresters

These are people who spend their lives in rural areas immersed in trees. Intimately involved in the plantation and forestry industry it is these people who are responsible for planting, felling and maintaining vast tracts of forestry land. These plantations are the source of key materials that are used on a daily basis in homes, industry and offices around the world. The two most obvious products are paper (which is made from trees) and planks.

Bat makers

This is quite a niche area but if you love both carpentry and cricket you might want to consider a career as a bat maker. Bats are made from willow and while the modern process is partly automated, it still requires an affinity for cricket and a love of wood to get the best results. It is a speciality area and, if you are able to build a brand and shift enough bats, it can be quite a lucrative business career.



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