Check These Aspects When You Read Steroid Reviews Online

Check These Aspects When You Read Steroid Reviews Online

Every bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast knows about steroids, and it’s an open secret in the bodybuilding community. If you are new to steroids and anabolic compounds, you need to be a little more careful about your first cycle. Experts always advise beginners to read reviews of products online, so as to understand the pros, cons and benefits better. It is also important to understand the side effects, especially the long term impact on major organs. In this post, we will try to understand the reviews of anabolic compounds.

Quick facts

Anabolic steroids are synthetic variants of testosterone and are made in labs. Quite obviously, chemical alternations and modifications are quite possible. The same generic drug can have a number of trade names, and it can be confusing for starters. Reviews can help in understanding many aspects, but not all reviews are the same. You cannot rely on the expertise of a newbie. Expert reviewers like Marc Stanford always suggest checking a few things before taking a review serious. For example –

  1. Why did the user use a particular steroid? Every steroid is different and can be used for varied purposes, including weight loss, muscle gain, leaner muscles and even increasing libido. Some reviews are also based on medical use.
  2. What’s the brand name and generic name? Where did the reviewer get the product? Anabolic compounds are available on prescription only, at least in the US, and therefore, most users and reviewers get their products online. You need to know if the seller was authentic and the product was genuine in the first place.
  3. What was the dosage and frequency? Steroids can be taken in form of injections and pills, and the dosage is important for reviews. You need to know if the reviewer started with a small dose or was a seasoned user with high dose. How frequently the pills or injections were used is also an important factor.
  4. What’s the age of the reviewer? Steroids work in a different way on different users, and the age, size, weight, gender and overall physical fitness of the reviewer is extremely important for considering his inputs. Don’t believe everything you read, unless you have data in hand.
  5. What were the side effects? More than the benefits, you should be considered about the side effects on the user. You need to be extra cautious about the possible health concerns.

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