How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free

How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free


Your online business depends, to a large degree, on the amount of traffic that it can generate. Insufficient traffic can spell doom for your growing online business. Most content writing companies can help you generate traffic to your site. They can provide you with high-quality content which you can use to attract free traffic.

  1. Forum Marketing

If you are involved in forum marketing, you need a good content writing agency to provide you with excellent content to share with others in your area of specialization. High-quality content enables you to share your expertise with others in a clear way, and this helps generate free traffic to your site. It is important to spend some time on your forum marketing signature, which informs other members about your identity and how they can read more about you. These companies have qualified writers who can provide content writing services of high quality which can make you a sought-after authority in your field. Many websites are in the business of writing books and seek the services of eBook copywriters to fine tune their content.

  1. Blog Commenting

You can also get involved in blog commenting which has some similarities with forum marketing. However, unlike marketing forum, blog commenting uses an entirely different platform. It is not a public forum but rather a discussion which takes place on an individual’s blog. It has a simple link back feature since most blogs have a field where you can enter your URL. If your content is of interest to someone else, they just click your URL to visit your site. However, it is important to avoid posting spam comments to avoid being seen as a traffic seeker. Apart from getting direct visits, blog commenting also helps your site to get a small boost from search engines which can see your links.

  1. Twitter

Twitter can also be a good source of free traffic. This is because most blogs have automation tools that feed links and posts them to a Twitter account. Such automation tools like Tweet Old Post can use past blog posts and tweets their title and URL to your Twitter account. This is a simple WordPress plugin that can generate traffic and bring in thousands of visitors to your site every month. eBay, which is a sales platform is also useful in bringing free traffic to your site. By posting a product on eBay, you can be able to generate interest if your product is sold at a loss. You can post your URL in the product description field where one can find you in case he/she needs more information about the product or service you are selling. Other sales platforms include Amazon and Craigslist.

  1. Contest Marketing

Organizing a contest and giving away a generous prize enables you to generate free traffic and giving away a big prize will produce significant results and generate even greater traffic to your site.

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