How to Protect Yourself from Any Type of Violence?

How to Protect Yourself from Any Type of Violence?

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Continue reading, to find out what precautions to take in order to stay protected.
-Ask every doctor to give me a document in which to certify in writing the injuries or traces of the violence that I have identified.
-Involve in programs for prevention and protection against domestic violence and programs that provide assistance to injured persons.
-To apply to the District Government of the Ministry of Interior for imposing emergency measures for protection against domestic violence.
–¬†Apply for an order to impose domestic violence protection measures to the District Court at my permanent or current address directly or through the District Police Department. A declaration of abuse is also attached to the application.

Submit them within 1 month of domestic violence. They may be filed:

-from my brother, sister or person with whom I am in close relationship;
-by my guardian or trustee;
-by the Director of the Social Assistance Directorate when I am a minor, jailed or disable;
-I have the right to submit this kind of request, and if I am at the age of 14 or I am placed under a limited interdiction.

When submitting the application, I do not pay any state fees. Only upon the order of the court shall they be awarded with the costs of the offender’s case of domestic violence. Only in the case of a refusal to issue a warrant or revocation of the order, the state fee and the costs of the case are paid by me, except when I am under the age of 18, and when I am placed under guardianship or disabled.

Measures for protection against domestic violence are listed in Article 5 of the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence (LPAA).

The District Court at my permanent or current address is competent to impose these measures. They file a case in my case following my application and decide by a decision – an order to impose protection measures or not.

The decision issued by the District Court may appeal to the District Court within 7 days of its service. I file the appeal through the court which delivered the decision with a copy for the other party in the case, as I do not pay any state fees again. The District Court considers my complaint within 14 days and takes a decision that is final.

Make sure to do all it takes to fight for your rights and make sure that those who tortured you (physically or mentally) get what they deserve. Do not be afraid to talk because no one deserves to be treated badly. Get out of all the toxic relationships and stay away from negative people who make you feel bad.

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