Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels Regularly To Treat Diabetes

Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels Regularly To Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is a life style disease that is affecting people. It is a lifelong disease which affects the body’s ability to convert glucose into energy due to the lack of insulin in the body. Since the body is unable to use the glucose, it gets builds up in the blood stream damaging the eyes, kidneys, nervous system and heart. If diabetes is not treated at the right time with proper medication it leads to life threatening conditions like stroke, damage to the kidney, heart diseases, problems in the eye and damage to the nerves in the body. Diabetes can be kept in check by careful meal planning, daily exercise, regular monitoring of glucose levels using the glucose monitoring scan system and following the medication regularly.

Monitoring the blood glucose levels is an important task in treating diabetes. The blood glucose level can be known by going for a blood test every month. The blood test is performed twice in a day, first in the early morning before consuming any food to know the level of glucose while fasting and the second test is done one hour after consuming food to know the level of post lunch glucose. Both these levels of blood glucose, fasting and post lunch are very important to know when treating diabetes.

A new technique to measure the glucose in the body is with glucose monitoring scan system.  This is relatively a new technique and is reported to be pain free by many users. The sensor is a very small device which is easy to use. It can be used to measure the interstitial fluid glucose levels in people suffering with diabetes in the ages of 4 years and older. The sensor should be fixed at the back of the upper arm along with a flexible and sterile fiber which is inserted under the skin with the help of a device called the applicator. The sensor is held in place with the help of an adhesive pad. Though it sounds to be a difficult process, the entire process is very simple and pain free. Once the device is fixed the user has to scan the sensor for quick reading of the glucose levels. Along with giving the readings it also gives the 8 hours history and depicts with a trend arrow how the glucose levels are going up and down during the period. The device comes with software so you can take periodic reports from time and time and have a strict monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Once you monitor the glucose levels, treating diabetes is easy. You have to follow a strict diet comprising of nutritious foods and eliminating starchy and sugary foods which create a spike in the glucose levels. You have to follow a regular exercise plan to keep the body energetic. If you cannot do other forms of exercise at least walk for 30 minutes in a day. Consult your doctor and follow the medication regularly without fail. You have to visit the doctor regularly so that he can check the periodic blood sugar levels and alter the medications accordingly.

Diabetes is a disease which can be only treated and cannot be cured. Keeping blood glucose levels in check by following regular exercise, strict diet and taking medicines or injections on time are the only ways to treat diabetes.


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