Online Poker Games – Different Types of Poker Played on the Web

Online Poker Games – Different Types of Poker Played on the Web

Online poker games are not equal and the same. When you hear the word poker, you should not think that this game has only one version or kind as there are in fact a lot of different types of this game that you can enjoy online. Below are some of them.

What Is Common Among All Poker Games?

If there is anything common among all versions of poker, then that would be cards. Poker games use cards and how these cards should be used will be determined by the rules for each particular type of poker.

The Texas Holdem

In the past few years, this type of poker has been infamously played by many people. In fact, it is the main game played today in almost all casinos, offline and online.

The Omaha High

It is also another popular game worldwide, but is mainly played in North America and Europe. This game shares a similar set of rules with Texas Holdem with the only exception involving a player receiving four (instead of two) hole cards. This single exemption introduces great changes in the game.

The Omaha Hi-Lo

This is usually offered in many online rooms of poker. The main procedures of the game are also virtually the same with Texas Holdem. In the Leo Vegas Casino bonus, the player has four hole cards but only two must be used in card combinations. Omaha Hi-Lo involves using two of the four cards along with the three cards from the table so that the highest/lowest card combination may be formed.

The Seven-Card Stud

This is an infamous variation of stud poker which was once the most popular game in the United States. Texas Holdem is todays most popular; but this did not completely shove off the Seven-card stud away. Actually, in the East Cost, this is still very much played by casino players. There are 2-8 players who can participate in a game. Each player will be given seven cards: four open and three closed cards. The goal of the players is to come up with the best possible combination of five cards with the received cards.

The Seven-card Hi-Lo

This is the high-low version of the seven-card stud and is a part of the split-pot poker (the highest hand will have one half part of the bank; the lowest hand will also take the remaining half). Same rules from Seven-card stud are followed. However, in this version, bets should not be doubled on Fourth Street if there is a pair.

The Five-card Stud

Once a popular game played in the US, this game was even shown in the film, The Cincinnati Kid. Today, the popularity of this poker has declined seriously, but is still a part of the games played at home and in online casinos.

The Deuce to Seven

This triple draw 2-7 is usually played by high-stake poker players in Las Vegas and California casinos. Each player will be given 5 hole cards. The player’s aim is to create the least-possible combination. The game also involves three card draws and four betting rounds.

The poker players, who play the game at different online casinos, always want to get different types of bonuses offered by the casinos or gaming authorities. Receiving an online poker bonus is really very easy. With so many online gaming sites available today, the options for getting bonuses are really adequate. Generally the bonuses are paid according to the amount of your first time deposit. As a result of this, if you want to open your account first time in a site and decide to deposit thousand dollars, you will be credited by the site. However, this facility is not available in all the sites.

Nowadays, there are so many options from where you can get the online poker bonuses reviews. You can get information from those sites. The review sites will tell you the good things and bad things about many online betting sites. However, the top reviews will only show you the best online gambling sites. If you want to see more information you can search other sites that offer free online bonus reviews.

Apart from the sign up bonus, there are many other online bonuses also. You can also enjoy poker bonus codes that are available from some online locations. These bonus codes will act like coupons, if you use the code; you will receive a special discount or offer. Some sites will also offer different progressive bonuses. This means that the more frequently you are on the site, your bonus offers will become more frequent. It is all about attracting you to stay, which is of course exactly what the real casinos do with free food and drink, etc.

The initial deposit is the most important part when you are entering into an online gambling site. This is why free bonus is used by most of the online poker games sites. Actually the poker sites want you to deposit as many money as you can. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t cost them so many things to provide you an online poker bonus. The amount they make far exceeds the amount of the bonuses they pay out in the course of each year. That is why you are always advised to be careful during the time when you are making your first time deposit online. You should always make a deposit that is affordable by you. This lets you to have fun with the online gambling bonus money when you receive it.

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