Romantic Things for Couples to Do in London on New Year’s Eve

Romantic Things for Couples to Do in London on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the year passed and the year yet to come. It is a romantic time, where couples can show their love and affection as they look to the next year of their lives together. London comes alive in the festive period, as numerous pop up entertainment events appear all over the capital. This makes it the perfect place to spend New Year’s Eve as a couple, as you can take in all the splendour of London in the festive period and enjoy some one-off spectacular shows. Here we list three activities that we think are great for couples in London on New Year’s Eve. Complete your romantic New Year’s Eve in London by booking yourself an apartment at LSA aparthotels London that will give the luxurious comfort that the occasion deserves.

Go to the Thames firework display

See the New Year in with stunning firework displays over the Thames. The display is set to feature more than 12,000 fireworks going into the New Year. Join thousands of revellers on the riverside and watch the fireworks in the night sky illuminate the Thames and landmarks of London. There will be pop-up shops and stalls so that you can enjoy many different treats and the possibility of enjoying the night further by attending of the many different gigs and concerts that occur afterwards.

Ice skating

There are many different excellent ice-skating rinks that open till late in London. However, Somerset House has upped the bar by combining their New Year’s skating session with the raucous entertainment of LGBTQ+ collective Sink the Pink. Enjoy the gloriously wild performances of Sink the Pink whilst skating your way into the New Year at Somerset House – a great way of taking in the festive vibes and music as the countdown for the New Year begins. The best memories are the fun times you have together, and this New Year’s option will be one to remember.

River Cruises

A luxury river cruise along the River Thames can be a romantic way to bring in the new year. A river cruise will give you the perfect seats to enjoy the fireworks that occur over London. On top of this, most river cruise companies offer exclusive entertainment and deals on New Year’s Eve. This includes DJ’s, unlimited drinks and live music. This makes it a great, romantic way of celebrating New Year’s Eve with some added fun thrown in.

There is plenty more going on across the capital on New Year’s Eve, if these aren’t jumping out at you then search online to get a more comprehensive list. London is one of the best places in the world to be on New Year’s Eve – spending this time with a loved one can be incredibly romantic, forming a long lasting memory that you both cherish.

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