Texas: What the Law Says on DUI

Texas: What the Law Says on DUI

The law in Texas treats all cases of Driving under Influence as serious criminal offenses. Texas has strict DUI laws and penalties that are based on age and Blood-Alcohol Conte (BAC) levels. Any driver who operates a personal or commercial vehicle after consuming alcohol or other illegal substances is charged under Texas state DUI laws, and the state can even revoke his/her state-issued driving license.

The law is strict on such cases since statistics indicate that driving under the influence i among the leading causes of car accidents in Texas. DUI accounts for at least 50% of the total number of vehicle-related deaths annually.

What Are the DUI Regulations in Texas?

The BAC limit is set at 0.008 percent for adults who are above the legal drinking age. However, Texas State Laws are very strict on underage DUI any detectable amount of liquor for drivers under the age of 21 years will lead to serious consequences.

The BAC tolerance limit for all commercial drivers is set at 0.040 percent. Officers in Texas can also arrest you and summon you in court for any other DUI crimes involving your vehicle. You will need an experienced DUI defense attorney in Texas to deal with your case if you find yourself in such a scenario.

What Happens If You Refuse to Undertake the BAC Test in Texas?

Some drivers refuse to take the BAC test, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be charged with DUI in Texas. The implied consent laws are operational in Texas just like any other state. Possible penalties for first-time offenders include:

  • Community service
  • Compulsory alcohol treatment program
  • Fine
  • A highways safety evaluation fee of up to $500
  • Suspension of your driver’s license for up to six months
  • Imprisonment

What Are the Penalties for DUI in Texas?


Always keep in mind that the Texas State laws have zero tolerance for minors and alcohol. Any detectable amount of alcohol in a minor’s bloodstream attracts severe penalties which include;

  • License suspension for a period of up to one year
  • A fine of up to $500.00
  • License suspension for 90 days if the judge gives you community service
  • Alcohol education course of at least 12 hours long
  • An addition 180 days of driver’s license suspension if you fail to complete the compulsory alcohol education course.

You should also prepare to pay for legal fees and court costs if your parent decides to hire a DUI defense attorney for you.


The DUI penalties for adults are grouped based on the offense number and other factors. For first time offenders, the penalties include:

  • A fine of up to $2,000.00
  • License suspension for a period of up to two years
  • Jail term of between three days and 180 days
  • Possible installation of an ignition interlock device

For second and subsequent offenders the penalties include:

  • A fine of up to $4,000.00
  • Jail term of between two and ten years
  • License suspension for a period of up to two years
  • Possible installation of an ignition interlock device

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