Timber Decking Versus WPC Composite Decking

Timber Decking Versus WPC Composite Decking

WPC composite is really a modern option to wood because of it being virtually easy to maintain as it doesn’t require staining, is rot and splinter free and comes in a number of colours in addition to lengthy manufacturers warranties. Composite decking since it is exclusively produced from reclaimed and recycled materials that have been once destined for Landfill is definitely an eco and sustainable option instead of destroying the forests for the future. It requires no less than 6 many years to grow a Pine tree that is economical for deck board production.The standard timber decking that we understand very well regrettably requires upkeep of cleaning off algae throughout the winter several weeks, staining regularly to be able to preserve the timber and just includes a lifespan of 5-many years determined by the caliber of the wood prior to the wood begins to show indications of serious put on.


WPC composite is produced from reclaimed wood and recycled polymer based products, the manufacturing procedure for WPC composite is mixing roughly 50% wood flour produced from reclaimed wood with 50% recycled polymer pellets, these 2 components are mixed together under temperature and also the polymer adheres towards the wood flakes thus encasing these questions protective layer, after cooling the composite mixture could be extruded under pressure and heat to create the composite boards and colors could be added.

WPC composite boards can be found in limitless colours as well as the most advanced technology in composite manufacture has become supplying a co-extrusion process whereby a print or wood pattern does apply towards the composite board after which sealed having a polymer coating permitting a practical wooden appearance which process by making use of an additional seal towards the composite board further enhances its waterproof characteristics and thus now manufacturers are giving a twenty-five year warranty on this kind of co-extruded product.


Although composite decking is 2-3 occasions the price of a good quality wooden alternative the lifespan could be more than twenty years without any degradation and without any maintenance in addition to the odd clean. Although more costly initially the sturdiness can over-shadow the price and even enhance the need for a house and even be considered a selling tool if your homeowner is searching to market instead of a hassle of the prospective purchaser who would need to remove that rotten decking thus developing a major snag for selling.

As production efficiencies are located the space between your prices will decrease which makes it less expensive and an affordable solution to wood deck boards.

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