Ubud Bali Jazz Festival 2017

Ubud Bali Jazz Festival 2017

Spending your weekend will be more interesting when you are visiting Ubud Bali Jazz Festival. This festival is one of the prestigious events in Bali where there are many jazz musicians from Indonesia and from other country that participate in this event. This music festival becomes an annual event that held in Agung Rai Museum of Art. This event becomes and attractive jazz music. If you still confused where to go and what to do in your weekend or holiday, then visiting Bali and enjoy the jazz music festival can be a great way to choose. You only need to buy the ticket and come to Ubud to enjoy international music festival with your friends or your family. Moreover, this event in set in ARMA museum so it will be more interesting to enjoy the artistic nuance of Balinese with jazz music rhythm. The location is easy to be accessed and you can also get the other services in this annual event.

In this Ubud Jazz festival, you can enjoy the music performance from many musicians from Indonesia and also from other countries. It is such kind of relaxing and fun things to do in your vacation. You can also find many genres of jazz that performed in this festival which is also combined with traditional or ethnic culture of Balinese just like the previous event. The musicians that will perform in the upcoming festival in this 2017 are Benny Brown (Germany), Glenn Buschman Jazz Academy (Germany), Gerald Clayton Trio with Joe Sanders and Gregory Hutchins (USA), Ricad Hutapea (Indonesia), David Manuhut (Indonesia), Tesla Manaf (Indonesia), Benny and Barry Likumahu (Indonesia), Hoko Harsoe Ft. Rodrigo Parejo (Indonesia), Balawan and Batuan Ethnic Fusion (Indonesia), Yuri Mahatma Ft. Nesia Ardi (Indonesia), Astrid Sulaiman (Indonesia), Maaike Den Dunnen, Pramono Abdi (Indonesia), Bonny Trio (Indonesia), Samy Thiebault (France), ,,B.Good Vogel” (Austria), Steve Barry (Australia), Sandy Winarta (Indonesia), Emily and Siwei, Underground Jazz Movement, and Julian Banks. This event will be very attractive with international musicians from other countries and of course from Indonesia.

The event will be held in two days start from 11th of August until 12th of August. Those musicians will perform in separate days so you can check detailed information and schedule in the official website. If you want to see the performance of those musicians with your special friend or your family, you can get the ticket and go enjoy that jazz festival. It is suitable way to get different and more interesting vacation in Bali. The music performed can be in various genres that will be very pleasant from underground, modern, until traditional genres. Instead of enjoying the beauty and the richness of Balinese culture, visiting a prestigious event such Festival Jazz 2017 Indonesia will be a great idea to spend your holiday. You can also enjoy the food festival in this event just like the previous event that was held before. Do not miss this event and get the ticket for you and your closest people as soon as possible.

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