13 Things That Should Always Be In Your Handbag

13 Things That Should Always Be In Your Handbag

To all women, a handbag is not just a handbag. It is one essential accessory that keeps all your useful things at one place, right under your nose, besides being your style statement. But at times you end up putting a lot of weight into it which makes it difficult for you to carry it. Well, there is certain light yet useful things that are a must-have in your handbag. Now, you must not bother about the weight, at the same time, can have all the essential things together in place. Also, Dealvoucherz brings you some fantastic free discounts codes and vouchers on your favourite brands. Use their exclusive voucher codes and get free delivery deals to save huge!

  • House keys:

If you are an independent woman living alone, you, of course, need to keep your house keys with you. Not one, at times the duplicate key as well in times of emergencies. It is the foremost item that should be in your bag.

  • Wallet:

It is impossible for anybody to leave their house without their wallet. Hence, it goes without saying that it is extremely important to keep your wallet in your handbag.

  • Medicine:

Always keep a small first-aid kit in the handbag at all times. You never know what lies ahead and may require it all of a sudden. Certain things can never be avoided, medicines being one of them. Even carrying one or two typical medications can also prove to be helpful. Painkillers are a must too.

  • Sanitary napkins/tampons:

Sanitary napkins and tampons are incredibly essential, and you should always keep them in handy. Especially when you are on your cycle, this is a must. Always carrying a napkin does help at times since you might start chumming without notice which is completely normal.

  • Water:

Considering the lifestyle these days, water intake has gone down a lot. People do forget to drink water which can harm the body. Always keep a small water bottle with you and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can be extremely dangerous. The summers are almost in, hence carrying a water bottle should be a priority.

  • Wet wipes:

On long days of work, you tend to lose energy, and it starts showing on your face. It is when the wet tissues come to the rescue. Dab it all over your face to get rid of all the dirt and dust and feel rejuvenated instantly.


  • Hand sanitizer:

Believe it or not, most germs get access into our bodies through our hands. We get unmindful and start gorging on food whenever we can, without washing our hands first. To avoid that, always keep a hand sanitizer in your handbag and don’t forget to use it before using your hands to eat.

  • Phone charger:

Phones have become an essential item of our lives, and we always need an update about all that is happening around us. But let’s not forget the phone to gets tired like us at one point in time. Do not leave the charger back at home, ever. If possible, carry a portable charger with yourself, or else you won’t be able to contact your family or friends in case of an emergency.

  • Pepper spray:

We hope for a better tomorrow every single day but let’s not forget the today we are living in. Always keep a pepper spray with you in your bag so that you don’t find yourself helpless in any adverse situation.

  • Toilet seat sanitizer:

Women do have to use the public loo at times, and not all washrooms are equally clean. Always spraying a toilet seat sanitizer helps to kill the germs. It is a must-have in your handbag. Keeping the sanitary issues in mind, women should be careful and must not let infections crawl into the bodies.

  • Lipbalm:

Lipbalms are the best options to substitute your lipsticks with. If you are somebody who cannot go about without lipsticks, then you can easily swap it with a lip balm if you have forgotten to carry your lipstick in the bag. Lipbalms also keep your lips hydrated. Well, that is a plus point.

  • Lens case/solution:

If you are wearing contact lenses, always keep in mind to carry the lens case and the solution along with you wherever you go. It helps you overcome difficulties with your lens. If you face some problem with your contacts, you can easily take it off and wear your specs back.

  • Peppermints:

Bad breaths are a big no-no. You cannot go around all dressed up and looking posh yet have bad breath. You cannot converse with anybody in that case. Always carry peppermints.

Next time you leave the house you know exactly what to carry and how. The most exciting part of the bag will not feel like a burden to you. Expect to step out smartly in style!

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