2 Ways Technology helps Vacation Rental Owners increase Exposure

2 Ways Technology helps Vacation Rental Owners increase Exposure

Technology today is so advanced that being competitive when it comes to marketing your business can be incredibly difficult. One of the most common issues for private hotels and small bed and breakfast operations is that most of the marketing channels available to them are already saturated. As with anything that requires demand and supply, when demand is high prices go up.

Marketing channels such as search engine paid ads, as well as social media ads, are targeted heavily by large hotel brands, and travel websites with huge budgets. With so many large companies targeting the same niche the prices for advertising are naturally pushed up. This poses a huge problem for those within the vacation rental industry; especially for newcomers, because there is no way they can compete with corporate budgets.

Is there a solution for non-corporate vacation rental owners?

Thankfully, there are many large corporations, the very same ones that are responsible for pushing up the ad prices in the vacation rental market, that provide vacation rental owners and hotels with a chance to get traffic to their listings for free.

You may have heard of sites like Agoda.com. This website usually comes top of the search rankings for an array of keywords that take those looking to book accommodation directly to a list of options. Agoda allows people to list their properties for free on its site. The only fees that need to be paid are booking fees when a booking is confirmed.

This style of website negates the need for vacation rental businesses to dedicate huge sums of cash on a marketing budget to gain exposure on the internet.

At first, you may turn your nose up at the fact that companies such as Airbnb, Agoda, and Flipkey domoinate search rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but when you look at the advantages, and in the end these websites actually save vacation rental businesses huge sums of cash that would otherwise need to be spent on a marketing budget using marketing tools that are very expensive and do not always gurantee exposure.

This brings us to point number 1 to our topic “3 Ways Technolgy Helps Vacation Rental Oweners Increase Exposure”.

  1. Embrase the websires that offer free sign up and proeprty listings

Any business that is looking to gain as much traffic as possible to each one of its listings will increase awareness that their propery exisits simply by siging up to as many vacation rental websites as possible.

Here is a list of the some the accomodation booking portals that attract the lion’s share of traffic on the wrold wide web:

  • Lodgify
  • Airbnb
  • HomeAway
  • Booking.com
  • FlipKey
  • Agoda
  • House Trip
  • Trip Advisor

The more websites that a company can get their listings on, the more potetial there is for each of those properties to gain hits from the internet. Plus, try to take into accoiint that this is virtually free marketing.

  • Channel managers help to build a positive brand image

A channel manager is simple. It bascially automates your entire booking process across multiple channels. That means if you have the same listings on HomeAway, Booking.com, FlipKey, House Trip, and Trip Advisor simultanously, a channel manager will connect to the calendars on each of these websites and make sure that they are always in sync with one another.

When a booking comes in on Airbnb, the calendar will marked as unavailable for the dates that have been booked. Obviaouly this is so no one else books the same place for the same dates.

Once a booking has been made, the booking information is sent to the channel manager. The channel manager then sends those dates to all other websites making sure that the calendars for those dates are blocked. This is to avoid the same place being booked for the same date on several different websites.

As a result, vacation rental have a centralised management system that automates bookings and calendar updates across all site. Owners do not need any manaual intervention. The entire system is synced with a single master calendar on the channel manager. Check out https://www.lodgify.com for more information other excellent festures a channel manager has.

Huge cost savings can be made, and the idea and simplicity of the channel manager is something that has encouraged multiple vacation businesses gain exposure and maximise occupancy rates for their accomodation offerings.

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