5 Types of tables that will take the ambience of your pub to another level

5 Types of tables that will take the ambience of your pub to another level

The idea of coffee tables have always been confined long tables placed near the sofa that would hold magazines, coffee cups, decors, books, dishes and more. However, the idea is being evolved in today’s time as there are unlimited options available in today’s market. Coffee culture is quite common in Europe and the very first special coffee tables were designed in Britain and those were inspired from the Ottoman Empire, which were relevant the tables used in tea gardens. Coffee tables can be the epitome of elegance and at the same time fancy and casual at the same time nowadays. There is simply no boundary when it comes to trends and styles of coffee tables nowadays. If you are looking forward to pep up the look of your coffee table anytime soon, you take a look at the following options for sure.

# 1 Cottage tables

The cottage tables are one of the most popular types when it comes to coffee culture furniture. It is durable, easy o the pocket and gives utmost convenience to users. You will certainly not regret choosing this type. There is not just one but many reasons why it is on top of the list. The finishing are quite amazing and they come in interesting shaping. They are most common in country and cottage styles but now there are new options available as well.

# 2 Industrial Coffee Tables

This is one of the most common types of tables and is as trendy as they are useful. They are attractive when it comes to several aspects which include features, style, durability and the list goes on. No wonder these are named as industrial tables and are almost equal to pub table. The collection of these tables will suit almost every background and you can certainly take a look at the options available online.

# 3 Parsons Coffee Table

This table usually has a flat top and is really convenient when it comes to using. This provides a huge advantage to both waiters and customers. It is very spacious and at the same time the design is compact. This design was first introduced in 1930’s and has been used in coffee shops since then. These tables are available in a wide range of designs and you will definitely not run out of options.

# 4 Mid Century Coffee Table

The Mid Century Coffee Table is also used as pub table and is quite popular when it comes to the interior designing of cafes. They have simple and clean lines and are often made out of plastic and wood. The moldings are really interesting and they have a natural touch to their overall outlook.

Mid-century present day alludes to the inside structure style that was prominent between the 1960s. Mid-century current foot stools are described by perfect, straightforward lines and bowed wood or formed plastic development. More often than not, wood furniture has a basic completion to flaunt its common excellence.

# 5 Modern or luxury coffee tables

As the name suggests, these tables are perfect if you are looking for a classier look. They can be slightly heavy on the pocket nut are worth the investment. They have glass tops and wooden bases mostly but you can check out the other options as well. You can also consider the amazing collections of pub table available online nowadays. You will find ample option online and that is in fact the best way to purchase your restaurant tables. It is best to buy in bulks as you will get great discounts and rebates.

Don’t hesitate to use these options when you are setting up the furniture for your cafe and give it an entirely new outlook to make the best of your investment.

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