5 Walking Toys That Will Help Your Baby Walk

5 Walking Toys That Will Help Your Baby Walk

The very first steps of your baby are the most exciting occasion for you. Some parents are so eager to watch their babies walking at the earliest that they are ready to use implements that help baby walk.

While teaching your tiny baby forcibly to walk is not a very good idea, offering her/him toys like baby walking toys can help the baby learn walking while playing in a fun way. Here are types of baby walking toys which you can try to make your baby walk.

1. Rocking Toys

Traditional rocking toys are a perfect toy for getting infants up and moving. Such a rocking toy may be passed on from generation to generation in some families. For those, who don’t have such an heirloom, there are many options of rocking toys, either new or used.

Rocking toys are available in a range of prices, from classic wood finishes to modernised models. Rocking toys are great for offering hours of fun to a growing baby along with the required muscle training.

2. Walking Harnesses

These are highly engaging and interactive walking tools. Though they are not a toy, babies enjoy spending time in them while the parent or caretaker uses the harness and the babies feel that they are walking on their own.

Walking harnesses are a sensible way to customise mobility training to requirements of a developing baby. Its structure comprises of a harness with straps for the caretaker or parent to hold and control.

These are also very useful for babies having a certain motor issue. Because their customised design, it’s best to buy a new harness that is created for a particular child.

Also they need a fair amount of training as well as practice. However, it’s well worth the efforts when you can see children with troubled walking catching up with their peers.

3. Toy Shopping Cart

Babies always love to copy their parents and a toy shopping cart is an ideal toy to fulfill their passion along with training them for walking. Toy shopping carts also help develop balance and coordination, and are great for role-playing, which children love.

With time, children can have increasingly challenging “shopping lists” offering a great exercise to their brains and also bodies. This may also create a need to buy some toy products like musical toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop to complete the play. Alternatively, household items can be used as grocery store products.

4. Toy Cars

Just like copying adults, another passion that children universally have is cars! And when they get a toy car, they are eager to play with it. Toy cars are an excellent way to promote walking in children. Today toy cars come with literally every feature a real car has and in a range of colours.

Toy cars also come in a range of designs and at affordable prices, though some of them feature more accessories and cost more than the rest.

With a toy car, children get a chance to copy their parents by turning the steering wheel and fiddle with shifting the gear, thus learning walking in a fun way.

5. Baby Tricycles

While baby tricycles may not be a great choice as a walking aid, they are still helpful in promoting mobility as well as coordination. Tricycles have been a favourite toy of children since ages and most children love riding them, in house, parks and driveways.

Some amount of supervision is required while kids ride a tricycle along with a helmet and safety pads. But it’s a great tool for developing strong leg muscles for walking.

Baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop is just one of the wide range toy products that you can choose from and your kids will surely love.


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