A step by step guide to get your name changed online like a breeze

A step by step guide to get your name changed online like a breeze

There’s nothing in the name that can define your overall personality. That’s what Shakespeare figuratively indicates in his words. Whilea name can never change the sheer presence of your inner self, it definitely holds much importance on the legal front and anyone applying for a change of name must have his or her own share of reasons while doing so. Although changing name might not be a straightforward process, it might not require any rocket science either. Only the rules and procedures by the local courts and state law matter when it comes to changing your name legally.

Getting your name changed legally requires considering certain things and following a couple of steps. While the factors are pretty straightforward, one might face difficulty with the steps. So here’s presenting a step by step guide to get your name changed online. To know more, keep reading on.

STEP 1: Visit the Respective court’s website

The offline and online process of changing your name is apparently similar. However, the first step that name change online process consists of is visiting the respective court’s website and verifying the residency requirements in the respective states. As long as you are successful in establishing yourself as the bonafide resident, the law will strictly allow you in getting your name changed.

STEP 2: Gathering Evidence

You should make sure that you gather the social security card, driver license, and valid birth certificate as well as other photo ID proof. The evidence are the proofs of the current legal name that you are equipped with. While not every document is necessary to be required by the law, it would be a fair decision to have them all with you and go through this process. If the magistrate, judge, or court clerk asks for one of any documents then you would be able to show them the document respectively.

STEP 3: Online Petition

The next thing that you require doing is completing the petition for getting your name changed. A petition is a form which you are supposed to file with the respective court clerk including the information needed by the state law.  When you’re proceeding online, you are supposed to look for a blank online form from the websites which provide the legal forms. Alternatively, you can do so from the state or the country government site. You just require making sure that you own the form. You can download the form and get a print out of it. Fill the form by providing your current name, residence address, Social Security number, and the reason for getting your name changed.

Additionally, you also require signing an affidavit. But keep in mind not to sign the form unless you bring to the notary public.

STEP 4: Filing

You should bring the petition and documents to the court’s clerk and file paperwork by handling it effectively. The court’s clerk will eventually date-stamp your petition and then enter that into the records and return you a copy. You can also fill out the proposed order for magistrate for signing in. Upon then, the clerk will schedule you to hear the docket.

STEP 5: Hearing

You should then attend the hearing over which the magistrate or judge will preside. The judge might also ask you questions about changing your name. The judgemight ask you for the objection to changing your name. When the hearing ends, the judge will sign your order and the clerk will provide you with a copy.  You should provide the order to anyone requiring having your full legal name on the file.

Thus, this concludes the step by step guide to getting your name changed from the online website of the respective court.

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