Advantages Of Using Channel Letter Signs

Advantages Of Using Channel Letter Signs

You can enjoy several advantages of using Channel letter signs for your business purposes. There are cost effective and can be easily shaped. The signs are extremely vivid if it is designed well and most importantly these are very long lasting. Apart from these common and fundamental advantages there are some other benefits and facts of these channel letter signage that you probably did not know. It is the innate flexibility factor of these channel letter fabrication that enables these three dimensional signs to be made in any font, graphical shape, size, style and color. It is the local zoning codes that can be its major limitation.  

Noticeable From Great Distance

Another advantage of using Channel Letters is that it can be recognized from a great distance if it is displayed against a matching and solid color background. The rule of thumb to make proper channel letter is to choose the size of the letters at the rate of 1.5 inches high for every 25 feet of visibility and proper identification. Therefore, if you want your sign to be visible from the parking lot take care of the size of letters that you use. It is the three dimensional feature and the brightness that make these channel letters work equally well inside as well as outside a business. It can easily capture the attention and make a bold statement. You can go for custom vinyl lettering which is getting much popular these days. Check it out and learn about it and you will surely want to go for it whenever needed.

The Basic Methods

There are four basic methods to illuminate channel letters. You can have front lit signs that have the letters made from translucent front faces. This allows the light to shine towards the viewer and as it is from inside the character it makes them appear as fabricated by pure light. The open face signs are similar sans the translucent material. The interior lamps are visible directly to the viewer that provides an attractive glow to each character. Reverse lit signs is another way to shine the letters from rear against its backdrop giving it a look of a dark letter against illuminated background. You can also have a combination of front and reverse lit letters.

Choice Of Characters

The choice of characters is important and consist ones that are actually cut all the way through the background material. This allows the light to shine through the openings. These letters are usually made from lightweight aluminum and hence can be easily worked out. These are durable and unaffected by sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and even high winds. This material is rust and corrosion proof, fire resistant and inexpensive requiring low maintenance. You can also use durable plastic material for this purpose.

Different Mounting Options Of Letters

The channel letter signs can be mounted in different ways that includes ‘raceway’ that provides it support from either left or right, top or bottom of the letter. Another way is on a box that will provide support to the letters from the rear. You can also have mounted these letters directly on the existing surface like the exterior or interior wall.


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