All the Things about Bali, Indonesia That You Need to Know

All the Things about Bali, Indonesia That You Need to Know

When determining where to live in Bali, Indonesia, the most asked question is, “Where’s the best place for me?”

The island of Bali is spanned 70 miles north to south, and about 95 miles wide. However, the majority of the action is in the south; whatever area you decide on won’t be distant as such. The ex-pat areas are diverse and depend on your preference. Opt for Legian’s vibe or the relaxed chill of Sanur or, for traditional Bali’s feel, visit Ubud’s mountains.

Here’s a reference for some of the shore and mountain cities in Bali.

Legian and Seminyak

Legian and Seminyak have situated just five blocks, and neighbors are more up-market. Both towns are just a 30-minute drive from the airport. Together with Western-facing beaches, magnificent Indian Ocean sunsets could be recorded along the stretches of coastline. Small alleyways, wide streets, and many beachfront properties give you a more eclectic city vibe than a number of the other towns in Bali.

Legian is famous for its marketplace shopping and beach bars. At the same time, Seminyak has a favorite international restaurant using some world-renowned chefs and a mixture of nightclubs and bars.

Legian Street turns into Seminyak Street, and you’ll see a change in the types of cafés and stores as you cross the areas. Arjuna Street (dual six) is the main road of Legian, leading you to the white sandy shore. At the same time, Laksmana Street snakes throughout Seminyak. It is now known as Eat Street, due to the numerous eateries in this area.

Petitenget Beach and Seminyak Beach are a continuous expanse of sand, stretching in both directions as far as the eye can. To the southwest, it becomes Kuta Beach and Legian Beach but is noticeably quieter than both. The sunsets here are renowned. Opportunities abound to mix with the jet-set, who frequent the high-end beachfront establishments like Ku De Ta and Potato Head Beach Club. Many small, apartment-style residences can be found in Legian, while Seminyak offers roomier villas for long-term rentals.

Kuta and Tuban

Kuta is one of Bali’s first tourist improvements, and it has held the reputation as being “party central.” Kuta has an abundance of bars, cafés, warungs (little regional eateries), and restaurants. Its beaches span three miles and are the best in Bali. With continuous waves, it is a favorite choice for surfer and sunbathers, with sellers providing surfboard hire and lessons.

Suppose you would rather laze in sunlight than shopping. There is no need for you to get up from your spot as sellers roam the beach night and day, selling sarongs, jewelry, and other products to comfort your sun lounge. They love to banter with people. That being said, the visitors’ area of Kuta is little, and the neighboring zones, such as Tuban and round the airport runway like Jimbaran, offer some fantastic chances for ex-pat living.

Even Kuta comes across as chaotic and congested, it functions. Main roads and lots of side alleys are strewn with market sellers and fixed-price stores. A variety of homewares, fashion, and souvenirs are found throughout Kuta. Most of the high-end fashion and the Parkson Centro Department Store is situated in the Discovery Shopping Mall on Jalan Kartika. You can enjoy shopping in an air-conditioned area here. Some excellent restaurants front the ocean for only lunch or a sunset dinner.

Moreover, on the beachfront, the Beachwalk Shopping Centre has upmarket stores like H&M, Zara, and Victoria’s Secret. Additionally, there’s a cinema for rainy days or to escape the sun. Comparable to Tuban, the Pepito Supermarket is very good for groceries, baked goods, and fresh fruits.

With the hustle, Kuta still maintains the traditional Bali’s feel–one of the temples in Kuta is located around the beach behind the Kuta markets. Cremations and ceremonies are still held in Kuta regularly. The shore is long and wide, with white sand and blue waters, making it a popular area. The local beach bars create a fantastic spot, sit on plastic chairs to catch the sunsets, and enjoy a refreshing drink all day.

Sanur Bali, Indonesia

With its relaxed vibe, Sanur Bali is an idyllic site. Located on the southeast side of this island and just 30 minutes away from the airport, its beaches are covered by an outer reef, giving a calm lagoon for ocean activities.

One of the great things about life in Sanur is that the 3-mile scenic walkway stretches from in the south, Mertasari Beach, to in the northwest, Sanur Beach. It allows you to leisurely bike rides or long walks, plus the beautiful sunrise. There are various restaurants and warungs across the beach and at the main road, making it a foodie’s delight.

Despite being one of Bali’s earliest resort places differing from other ex-pat hotspots, Sanur has managed to retain its traditional Balinese ambiance. It’s usual to see women walking to the temples to perform their everyday rituals using towering offerings on their heads. The vividly colored fishing boats rest on the sand, and you’ll find fishers returning to the beach with their daily catch.

The scene of Sanur’s restaurant has established itself over the past few years. Hence, no matter where you’re located or whatever your budget preference or food taste, Sanur has it. Sanur is not renowned for the nightlife scene. Still, this place is recommended for late-night music. You can hit the Linga Longa Bar, where a local band plays from 8 pm till late. Casablanca showcases a different band group each evening, with a Beatles cover band on Sunday, which always proves popular. Arena Pub & Restaurant now features live music and is a beautiful spot to meet with other ex-pats.

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