Bali Safari Park: Fun Activity For Your Kids

Bali Safari Park: Fun Activity For Your Kids

The theme park is filled with species that have never set foot in Bali until their cage door is opened (lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos, etc.). Entry by bundle tickets tailored to interest tourists. The ticket includes safaris, a Bali Agung series, waterpark access, animal shows, foods, night safaris, etc. Note that animal rides and shows are offered here despite overwhelming evidence that shows and rides are harmful to animals such as elephants.

Perhaps you or your children always dreamed of staying in a zoo and waking to the lions’ roar. Suppose you’re looking for an unconventional family encounter. In that case, you’d adore the Bali Safari & Marine Park, where you can eat, sleep and play with the critters. We’ll now share unforgettable experiences you never knew you’d find there.

  1. Dine with the King of the Jungle

Join the lions for lunchtime at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. You’re encouraged to see these majestic animals practice their catwalk directly beside you. We could not leave the eatery without getting a minimum of one selfie with all the beauties, which stood and posed for us! The restaurant serves up delectable meals which range from western favorites like Tasmanian Salmon (IDR 150,000/USD $11.50) to Balinese favorites such as Crispy Duck Leg (IDR 180,000/ / $14) that is certainly worth a try. They even have a stunning dessert – the Banana Flambé prepared by a chef right before the eyes.

You may be expecting a banana after viewing the fire erupt in the bowl. Still, the gratifying feeling of the banana is, in fact, adequately soft and not overdone. This can be made whole with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – bound to delight your taste buds! A kid’s menu is available, with a range of options such as sausage, mains, sides, and dessert that is almost as good as the ‘adult’ menu! However, be warned that a lion at the toilet can observe you while you are grooming and freshen up after your meal!

  1. Wake up to the lion’s roar

When you open your balcony doors, your neighbor will be the zebra, grazing peacefully outside. And guess what, you may even toss a two or two across the balcony and watch the zebras gallop towards you. A little tip for tossing carrots – break them into smaller chunks so you can readily throw them across the miniature river that separates the rooms by the animal. We had probably attempted over ten days before we finally could swing lettuce round the mini river! Keep attempting till you get the hang of this (good photo opportunities here) and do not fret if you’re out of carrots – it is possible to call room service for more delivered to the room for the purchase cost of absolutely nothing.

  1. Let the animals take the stage.

It is talent-time – for animals to showcase what they’re good at! It’s possible to watch adorable guinea hens and toy poodles run upon the point cats running a levitated rod! Your children will like to have a touch-and-feel of these furry little domestic creatures, and they’re able to do so in the Petting Zoo. They will be thrilled to watch these cute animals, merely an arm’s length away. After the show, be sure to head nearby to snap a picture using the playful Orangutan from the series. Be cautious with your headgear, though! The lively creature tried to sneak my hat away!

Before you plan a trip to Bali Safari Park, be sure to read more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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