The Best Places to Hang Log Cabin Chandeliers

The Best Places to Hang Log Cabin Chandeliers

More known for its romantic ambiance than for its lighting, the chandelier is an attention-grabbing fixture great for decorative purposes. With reflecting light from crystals and glass, chandeliers are great eye-catching pieces of art that save space, create welcoming environments, add versatility, and are less harmful to your drywall. They can make a dark log cabin room appear elegant and well-put together.  Here are some great places to incorporate log cabin chandeliers to your home away from home.  

A Hallway Chandelier  

Add coziness and elegance to your log cabin with a chandelier in your hallway. Not only does a chandelier illuminate dark passageways but it adds more texture to a large room. Made in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and design, choose a chandelier that fits into the hall style of your log cabin. Not only that, with their soft reflecting lights a chandelier can make a large room warm and welcoming.   

A Dining Room Table Chandelier 

Nothing adds more warmth over a delicious meal than the refracting light of a chandelier. Other light fixtures tend to be simple in appearance and lighting but a chandelier is a piece of art. They create beauty and softness to a room, so make your meals even more intimate and add an intricate centerpiece to your dining room.  

A Set of Side Tables Chandelier 

Most people don’t think about substituting boring nightstand lamps with chandeliers but this piece of ornament can really set your cabin room apart from others. Apart from being a unique decorative light fixture, if you are looking to save space in your log cabin room, move lamps completely out of the way. Chandeliers can save you precious inches of space if your room is really lacking it and it will for sure be a conversation starter. Then again, how many people actually have chandeliers as their bedroom lamps?  

A Kitchen Island Chandelier 

Instead of simple light fixtures or recess lighting in your kitchen, add more personality and decoration with a mini chandelier. With chandelier manufacturers offering new chandelier designs and materials, it is easy today more than ever to add a chandelier that fits in with the theme of your kitchen. A chandelier over the kitchen island also gives you more lighting while prepping and cooking.  

A Bathroom Chandelier 

To really add that splash of romance to your log cabin bathroom, a crystal chandelier is a perfect decorative cookie for a whimsical effect. The great part of adding a bathroom chandelier is that these fixtures create a warm glow, a great effect for a relaxing atmosphere.  

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