Caring For Your Golf Buggy – What To Do & Who You Should Call

Golf buggies are amazing, aren’t they! They look amazing and make your life on the golf course much simpler. Besides, if you even want to go fishing or host a party in the woods in the backyard, the buggy will easily haul out all your essentials. Gas or electric, you simply must have one!

Caring For The Buggy In Different Seasons

Like every other motor or engine, a golf buggy undergoes a whole lot wear and tear. It needs specific kind of maintenance and if left unattended for long may cause irreversible damages.


…is coming! It is only going to leave back a blanket of snow. Once the weather turns warm and the snow melts, the last thing you want is a dead battery and a non-working golf buggy. Dead batteries freeze. Use an anti-corrosive spray along with an acid neutralizer spray. Charge the battery to full before you lock away the cart safely in a warmer place.


…is when you stress on checking the oil level and inspect any tire damage on regular basis. Inflate tires to standard level, keep air pressure in correct range, double check the engine, inspect the spark plugs and replace the fuel every year.

When it comes to electric buggies, it is quite literally a three step checklist –

  • Charge the batteries
  • Clean the batteries and check terminal connections
  • Maintain the water level in the batteries

For the long haul, gas operated buggy owner’s should –  

  • Give a yearly tune up
  • Inspect the drive, brakes, steering, tire pressure
  • Check the oil level
  • Service the clutches
  • Inspect generator belt and starter for cracks, blemishes and general wear & tear

A buggy is the most important gear of a golfer. With a simple guide, such as the checklist mentioned above, you will be able to deal with most common issues in your golf cart. However, when something seems severe, what do you do?

Get in touch with an authorized service agent who can handle any warranty issues you may have with your trolley, battery or charger. They will not only fix your current problem, but will also optimize the buggy’s efficiency on the golf course. One such professional team of Golf Trolleys UK is a noted expert who repairs a number of makes and models including Motocaddy, Powakaddy, Hill Billy and Eelectrokart in Wolverhampton and throughout the surrounding areas in Shropshire. Be sure to click here to find out more about their all-compassing services.

Get ahead of the curve by knowing how you can keep your golf cart in the best condition and prolong its longevity. If you want to leave the complicated effort of maintaining golf buggies to professionals, it might just be the best idea!

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