Debunking the Common Myths of Tungsten Carbide Rings

Debunking the Common Myths of Tungsten Carbide Rings

Rings symbolize a couple of things including wedding, engagement, and beauty. They come in different types, styles, and colors. For the longest time, platinum and gold have been the most popular rings for whatever purpose. However, tungsten carbide rings have gained great popularity, especially among the males. Despite their advantages, there are still myths and misconceptions surrounding the rings to date.

Myth #1: Due to its hardness, it’s impossible to remove a tungsten ring from the finger in the event of an emergency

It an undeniable fact that tungsten has its hardness close to titanium and only diamond can compete with tungsten carbide concerning toughness.  Due to the hardness and durability, there’s the common notion that wearing them is not safe during an emergency and one is likely to lose the finger. The fact is that despite being hard, they can be fractured and shattered with enough force.

Myth #2: Any ring including tungsten will wear down, sustain scratches and fade over time

If you’ve had a gold ring, you’ll discover that it wears and fades out exposing yellow gold. That’s not the same with rings made from tungsten carbide thanks to its high scratch resistance characteristic. When a mirror or brushed finish is applied to tungsten rings, they retain the appearance.

Myth #3: The rings come in a single color

In its original form, tungsten carbide appears silver or gray. However, the materials allow for plating to give different colors including white and black. This misconception came from those with little info regarding the compound and the tungsten ring market. Thanks to the versatile nature of the material, different accents and colors make it resemble other types of rings such as platinum.

Myth #4 Tungsten carbide rings are made from 100% tungsten

Not pure tungsten makes tungsten rings but a compound that results from combining carbon and tungsten. The resulting powder is mixed with a binder like nickel or cobalt to offer a mixture easy to craft into different shapes and sizes. Even if manufacturers don’t use pure tungsten, the resulting material does maintain its hardness.

Myth #5 They break easily

The fact tungsten carbide rings shatter does not mean that they do so with a little amount of force. For it to break, a substantial amount of force will need to be applied. As such, the ring is safe to wear and will not break anyhow and stick to your flesh.

Myth #6 Tungsten rings are for men

A widespread false notion is that tungsten rings are for men. Without a doubt, you’ll find many tungsten rings for men on the market. However, tungsten carbide is a highly versatile material that allows for crafting in different accents, sizes, and designs to fit the tastes and preferences of women. When shopping, you’ll come across beautiful rings that fit women perfectly. 

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