Do I Have a Virus on My Computer?

Do I Have a Virus on My Computer?


Cybercrime’s big business these days. Indeed, cybercriminals fleeced individuals and businesses of around $3.5 billion last year!

And internet viruses are one of the primary culprits.

These particular bits of malware are ubiquitous on the web and have costly implications almost every time. From deleted files to system damage, they cause endless angst every year.

However, just because they’re commonplace doesn’t mean they’re easy to spot! Countless computer owners fall foul of these cyber-issues without even realizing it. Only when something suspicious occurs do they ask:

‘Do I have a virus on my computer?’

Are you in that position right now? Would you like some expert advice to help you figure out the situation? You’re in the right place.

Keep reading to discover the key indicators that your computer has a virus.

You’re Getting Lots of Pop-Ups

Many reputable websites use pop-ups as an effective way to get your attention.

They might be promoting a product, asking you to sign up for something, or telling you about one update or another. Whatever the case, you can usually interact with these kinds of pop-ups with no negative repercussions.

The trouble comes when you have lots of pop-ups appear on your screen at any given time. These types appear from nowhere, contain strange offers, or warn you of some looming disaster. In general, they try to compel you to visit a site or prompt a particular response.

Click on them and you can open a Pandora’s Box of trouble! Always be wary if you’ve had an influx of these pop-ups start to appear. There’s a chance you have a virus causing trouble in the background.

You’re Missing Files

Have you noticed any unexplained changes to your computer files and folders? Maybe some of them have been deleted, others have been renamed, a few have had their icons altered, and many more have been moved around.

In any case, it’s more than enough reason to be suspicious. Your computer would never clean things out or move them around of its own accord! If these kinds of changes have been made, then someone/something else is to blame. Run a scan to see if your antivirus software can pick anything up.

You Can’t Access Your Computer

Many cybercriminals take great delight in locking people out of key files, accounts, and/or even the system itself. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating for you- the user.

It’s like somebody stealing the keys to your house. Until they give them back, there’s nothing you can do. You’re locked out and at their mercy; the only way to regain access to the account(s) is to follow their demands.

This is one virus that may not remain a mystery for long though. It’s often accompanied by a message demanding a certain amount of cash in return for re-admittance.

Your Personal Accounts Are Sending Emails

Phishing scams are another favorite trick up the sleeve of cybercriminals. You know the deal:

They send a compelling email to somebody with a link on the inside. The recipient opens it up, clicks the link, and unwittingly downloads a piece of malware to their device. It doesn’t end well!

Up until recently, though, these phishing scams were easy to spot. They were sent from random people and contained tell-tale red flags (such as spelling errors and bizarre subject lines). You’d see them, send them to spam, and forget about them.

But it’s no longer so simple. Cybercriminals have started hijacking peoples’ email accounts and sending phishing emails from there instead. Suddenly, you get a link from somebody you know and trust, which skyrockets the chance that you click on it.

Have people in your email address book told you about strange emails they’ve received from your account (that you didn’t send)? There’s a good chance you have a virus.

Your Computer Is Slowing Down

A slow computer doesn’t always mean you have a virus on it. The device might just be getting older or running out of memory instead.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that it’s another common sign of having a virus!

If your computer’s relatively new, has plenty of storage capacity remaining and starts slowing down out of nowhere, then there’s reason to suspect the worst. Take it down to the nearest IT repair shop to see if they can identify and fix the problem.

Your Computer Has Started to Crash

Has your computer started freezing or shutting down of its own accord? Or, even worse, is it displaying the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’?

A technical fault could be causing the issue. Yet there’s also a good chance that a virus is behind it (especially on new and hitherto well-cared-for devices).

Whatever the exact issue is, there’s clearly something that needs swift attention! Start by running a complete scan of the computer with your antivirus software. If that doesn’t do the trick, then seek professional support with the device.

Your Anti-Virus Software Stops Working

A final indication that something has infected the computer is when your anti-virus software stops working. That’s right, some viruses are designed to disable the very thing that’s meant to keep them out! This then opens the door to additional attacks and compounding computer problems.

Remember, cybercrime’s getting more complex every year. Investing in some higher-quality internet protection is the best way to protect against these advanced (and undetectable) computer viruses.

Do I Have a Virus on My Computer? Now You Know

Internet viruses wreak havoc on peoples’ computers all the time.

However, as we’ve seen, they aren’t always easy to identify! Sometimes they’re confused with legitimate technical issues and other times they cause surreptitious trouble in the background.

Have you been asking yourself: ‘do I have a virus on my computer?’ Well, we hope the information in this post has provided some clarity. Search ‘cyber’ on the website now to read more articles like this one.


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