Do You Know Anything About Mikimoto Pearls?

Do You Know Anything About Mikimoto Pearls?

The same process that Mikimoto had patented back in the year in 1916 is still being used all around the world to culture pearls. This Mikimoto variety of pearls now has simply become the standard based on which most of the other pearls can be measured.

The founder Kokichi Mikimoto, once staged burning of pearls publicly, as he felt that all these pearls were not as per his expected standard so, rather than seeing such poor-quality pearls it he felt it was better to burn them.

Mikimoto pearls rank among the top 5% of pearls that are sold worldwide. They are the exclusive pearls having a rating system which is industry recognized that usually has their ranking from A+ grade to AAA grade rating.

When Akiko Mikimoto was young, he watched oysters around his city in Japan where divers were searching for Akoya pearls. Then Mikimoto started researching various ways of cultivating pearls with just one simple goal – just coaxing oysters for making a pearl as per thdemand, or try at least to create manmade pearls with little bit of help.

Mikimoto started inserting seed pearls for simulating an irritant in these oysters with the hope that the oyster will coat the pearl almost like it did in case of other irritants which happened naturally. Mikimoto tried seed pearls that were made from iron, wood and other mollusc shells.

Ultimately, he succeeded after many numbers of years and after many failures, he was almost on his financial ruin. Also, his crops of oyster too suffered another terrible season, due to disease this time.

However, as he was trying to sort through his oysters, finally he opened to find one that he was expecting – A perfect Akoya pearl. With this success, he then built his pearl empire.

Today Mikimoto’s name is tantamount to beautiful pearls.

Just looking at any Mikimoto pearl by putting it next to some other pearl, you can judge these pearls. They are much glossier than any other pearls.

Mikimoto brand of pearl started with culturing Akoya pearls, but today they can offer a big range of various high-end luxury pearls, that includes Tahitian, Akoya, Golden South and South Sea pearls.

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