Domain name –have one and get benefit of many features

Domain name –have one and get benefit of many features

Domain name creates a unique identity of your website over the internet. Domain name is basically an address of your website and if you own a domain name it can almost give you a feeling like you own a house. Having your own domain name is like having your own identity and it can also give you more professional feel and give your website a very professional feel.

Many people think that they should get free domain name as they come but it is very important for you to understand that if you make use of free domain name then you also have to attach sub domain along with your main domain and moreover if you want to change your service provider you also have to drop the name of your domain that means you need to start it from the beginning.  That’s why having your own domain name can prove to be very beneficial because then you can do or handle the domain the way as you want.

Where to get the domain?

In order to get the domain, there are many domain name service providers available but always choose the one that offers you the best deal. Best deal not only means in terms of money but also in terms of services such as they provide you domain name directory so that you can search the best possible domain name, they can also provide the hosting services so you don’t need to waste the time in order to choose the hosting service.

Getting a domain name and registering it can prove to be little bit expensive but if you look for the domain name coupon when you are going to register the website, you can make savings. Domain name coupon is advised because they can provide you very good amount of discount on domain name registry or getting a domain name.

Benefits of having domain name

  • Credibility – having registered and own domain name can prove to be very beneficial because they provide you a professional touch. This is because when anyone visits your website they surely look down at your domain name and when next time they have to visit your site they only have to type your domain name to visit the site
  • Brand building – when you have your own domain name then you can also make use of your brand name in the domain name. This can surely help to create the brand image among the users and more.
  • Portability – if you make use of your own domain name then it gives you freedom to choose any webhost that you want for your website. But when you don’t own a domain name you can’t take the name of your domain with your website when you need to change the host. However, if you change the host then it means you have lost all your visitors and you have to gain the visitors again. This can push you and your website in loss.
  • Search engine importance – when you launch a website everyone wants to get importance on search engine so that they can establish a good rank over the results of the search engine. So, it is very important for you to know that if you have your own and unique domain name, search engine recognizes the website easily and also gives preference to those websites. Your home page gets more importance over the home page or website that is created by using free domains. So, basically having own domain name can also slightly work as SEO i.e. search engine optimization that helps the website to increase its rank over the search engine.

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