The Drawbacks of Prefab Homes  

The Drawbacks of Prefab Homes  

Prefab homes are also known as prefabricated homes or modular homes. This is the type of construction in which parts of the home are pre-manufactured at a construction site or factory site. Once completed, the prefabricated home parts are transported to the building site and assembled there.

You may think that purchasing a prefabricated home is a great idea. In some cases, they can indeed save you money, and construction is usually completed in a more timely fashion than getting a home built from scratch and on-site as well. Homeowners generally have a large variety of styles and designs to choose from too.

Unfortunately, there are numerous drawbacks to buying a prefab home for you and your family. Check out these negatives to this form of home buying and you’ll see why.

The Drawbacks of a Prefab Home

  1. Upfront Costs

Unlike buying a house built from scratch and going directly to your bank to get a loan if necessary, you will need to pay for your prefab home upfront. If you cannot pay in full, the home dealer will pay off the rest of your home for you, and then they will issue you a mortgage. Often, home manufacturers have high interest rates for their mortgages, which can make buying a prefab home more expensive than buying a home built from scratch.

  1. Transportation Issues and Assembly Issues

Many people think when they purchase a prefabricated home, they can simply purchase it, and once it’s finished at the manufacturing site they’ll have a home ready to live in. This is not the way it works.

Instead, once your home has been completely manufactured at the manufacturer’s site, it needs to be transported and assembled on your building site. There can be numerous issues associated with both of these processes that will hold your timeline up and cause you to have to move into your home much later than expected.

  1. The Image Complex

You may notice that the overall costs of prefabricated homes are much less than homes that are built from scratch. However, there is still an image problem with prefabricated houses. Prefab homes tend to be seen as inferior to houses built from scratch, and it’s important to mention that there are often disreputable manufacturers in the business of making prefabricated homes.

  1. Buying the Land

Lastly, keep in mind that when it comes to buying a prefabricated home, you’ll need to also purchase the land that you want to live on beforehand. Only then can you go to the prefab home manufacturer. This is an added expense that will take additional time, making prefab home buying more complicated than it appears.

 Choose Traditional Construction

Instead of purchasing a prefab home, consider going to a reputable and experienced construction company in Ottawa and purchasing a home built from scratch. You’ll be able to dictate every inch of the house to meet your specifications, and in the end, you’ll be much happier with the place that you’re going to call home.


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