Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Fake Grass

Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Fake Grass

Laying synthetic grass can save you a lot of money in the long haul by removing the need to mow or water your lawn. But here’s the thing. You need to make an upfront investment before you get the most out of it. Plus, you have to give your grass a good dose of TLC. Here are easy maintenance tips to keep your grass in good shape.

Brush Regularly

To keep your synthetic grass in tip top shape, it’s best to give it a regular brushing according to the amount of traffic it gets. By brushing the grass, you can keep the fibers tight and upright for a longer period of time, thus improving the appearance of your lawn. Also, it’s good to buy quality grass. Buy lawn bowls artificial turf at Australian Synthetic Lawns to enjoy less maintenance job.

Leaves Removal

You can also keep your grass in good condition by removing leaves. Clean your fake grass surface by clearing fallen leaves and other debris. This proactive way of maintaining your grass depends on the surrounding environment and use of your lawn.

Heavy Items

You probably place heavy items on the grass furnace such as a flower pot or inflatable swimming pool. In this case, the grass fibres can easily get flat. When the heavy item has been removed, take a room with fine bristles and then brush the grass fibres backs to restore its original look. You can consult a local fake grass installer in your area on how to deal with heavy items on your synthetic grass.


Worry not because the cold winter days are not a problem for synthetic grass. The cold season’s frost could not damage your investment. However, if snow gets stamped into the grass and formed an icy layer, you should not manually get rid of it in order to avoid fibre damage. It’s best to leave it melt naturally.

Weed Control

One of the best things about installing fake grass is easy weed control. Just simply pick the weeds, brush or rake the grass. Be sure that that the weed is removed before it takes root. It’s recommended to give it a good cleaning to prevent weed’s growth. You can purchase specialized weed control products at IY centres to control algae, weeds and moss.

Right Equipment

Just because you’re laying fake grass doesn’t mean there’s no need for you use to any tools or equipment to keep it well maintained. Say goodbye to lawn mowers but you still have to use the rake, hose and leaf blower. You can purchase these tools and equipment in a home improvement store if you still don’t have them at home.

If you need a beautiful yard for your gold lawn, choose synthetic grass for golf from Australian Synthetic Lawns and get the most out of your synthetic grass. Australian Synthetic Lawns provides a wide range of synthetic grass perfect for homes, schools, sports fields and many more.

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