Find The Perfect Crane For The Job

Find The Perfect Crane For The Job

Construction sites and personal construction projects typically require heavy lifting and the tools that can assist. When it comes to reaching high heights, a crane is the tool that can get the job done. While you may have access to cranes and other major tools on a larger construction contract, for smaller projects or construction ventures that you are in control of, you may need to rent your tools. Crane rentals are available for various construction projects. However, before you go out to rent the crane to start your project, ensure that you are renting the right crane for the job.

There are various kinds of cranes, with different uses and purposes. If you are interested in a crane rental, carefully review this brief list to ensure that you are choosing the crane you need.

Vehicle Mounted Crane

Many cranes are mounted to vehicles to make transporting easier. These kinds of cranes are great for most projects and are very common.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are used quite often in larger construction projects. They are quite tall and are able to reach as high as 265 feet and lift about 20 tons. They are typically used when constructing tall buildings or any project where reaching incredibly high heights is required,

Rough Terrain Crane

This type of crane is also a vehicle mounted crane but the tires allows it to be used on rougher terrains where a typical vehicle mounted crane might not work out.

Crawler Crane

This kind of crane is perfect for a construction site that is large and may need to move materials from one spot to another. The crawler crane moves on a track system and can lift about 40 tons which makes it essential when needing to move heavy building materials from one area to another.

All Terrain Crane

Another crane that is mobile, it is essential when working on larger construction projects that may be on various sites. The large wheels allow for it to move easily on rough terrains as well as paved roads. This makes transporting materials through various types of sites simple and easy.

Railroad Cranes

As it’s name suggests, the railroad cranes attach to a railroad track to maintain them and assist in upkeep.

Telescope Cranes

A very unique kind of crane, the telescope crane is used to handle bricks and to install steel. The crane is able to turn 360 degrees which is essential when laying bricks and other foundation materials.

When seeking out a crane rental, it is essential to keep in mind the kind of project you are doing to make sure you are choosing the right crane to get the job done.

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