Four ways to lower your monthly expenses

Four ways to lower your monthly expenses

As much as we all want to be paid more sometimes the increases that we want are simply not going to happen. All too often there is too much month left over at the end of the money and if you haven’t planned right, it can be a bit of an emergency. But blaming your employers and saying that you are underpaid and overworked is not a solution. You need to take control and start making solutions for yourself. Here are some ideas that might not help you earn more, but which will find you some extra money through the cutting of costs.

Speak to experts

As much as we think that we know what we are doing, so often we really don’t. There are lots of experts out there with years of experience and loads of contacts who will be only too willing to help you.  A good example are the people at Econnex, who specialize in reducing your utility and energy bills. They are very good at it, all you need to do is give them a call and they will find you the energy plan that fits both your needs and your means. Reducing monthly costs is what they are good at and they do it for hundreds of households, why shouldn’t they do it for you.

Know how valuable you are

We are thinking insurance here, but we could just as easily be talking mobile phone plans, or security or medical aid. Once you are on a company’s books they want to keep you. It is much easier to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. So work that angle and get quotes from their competitors. Make sure that you find cheaper quotes, which you will be able to do, because you are a valuable commodity and these companies are all competing for a slice of a very finite pie. Once you have the quote ask your existing to supplier to match or beat it – and they almost certainly will. You win on monthly expenses, they retain you as a client and you don’t have to go through the hassle of actually changing suppliers. In the worst case scenario maybe you do have to change suppliers, but even then, you are cutting costs and that is the overall goal.

Shop wisely

It might seem obvious but so much money is wasted through bad planning and unbudgeted spending. If you want to make it through to the end of the and still have something left over, then, for a start, don’t go shopping when you are hungry. Studies have shown that hungry shoppers tend to buy food they don’t actually need, simply to satisfy an immediate urge to eat.

Save Water

Water is a precious resource and an expensive one. Yet ironically it also falls from the sky for free. So make a plan to catch and store it. Admittedly this involves a once off capital outlay, but with that done and your storage tanks correctly plumbed, you can water your garden, fill your pool or flush your toilet. You might be very surprised what a big difference this home improvement will make to your monthly costs.

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