Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Pokies

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Pokies

Almost every time, online casino players gambling with pokies ask similar questions. The questions are around the most common issues that face players in this industry. 

The following are the frequently asked questions. We’ve answered all of them for you. 


  • Are online pokies rigged?


The simple answer is NO. The casino online pokies make good use of the random number generator to come up with the outcome of their games. As a result, the game is fair. It records the real outcome of the random number generator. 

However, to get fair results, you must choose to play with a reputable casino. Look for casinos with audited software. 

Casinos that aren’t audited or licensed can easily manipulate their system to rig the outcome of their games. So, it’s majorly up to you to ensure that you don’t play with a casino that has a rigged system. 


  • Can I Play Online Pokies On My Phone?


Yes, you can play your favorite variation of pokies on your mobile device. All you need to do is either choose whether you want to play on the mobile browser or app. 

But we recommend you choose a mobile app. It will give you a better experience as compared to the mobile browser. 


  • Can I win Real Money Playing On My Mobile Devie?


It doesn’t matter whether you play on mobile or desktop. You will get your winnings if you’re using a real money account.

So, when you’re playing on your mobile, don’t worry about your earnings. A reputable casino will keep your earnings. And it gets more interesting with most casinos today, allowing their players to withdrawal their idn96 earnings through the mobile devices. 


  • Do I need to Install the Gaming Software onto my Devices?


The choice to install software on your device depends on yourself and the casino you’re playing with. If you like using a web browser to play, and that serves you well, there is no need to download software. The browser will do an amazing job. But if you prefer an application, then go ahead and install the software on your device. 

Also, some online casinos don’t give software installations. Others don’t give browser gaming options. So, in this scenario, you’ll be limited to the option offered by your casino. 

But no matter what method you choose to play your game, if you are using a reputable online casino, you will have nothing to worry about. 


  • How can I deposit money into my account?


You can select a method from different payment options accepted by your casino. Some of the most common ways are bank transfers,  e-wallets, prepaid cards, and debit cards. 


  • What are the wagering requirements for pokies games?


Wagering requirements are the amount of money needed to play through with before your withdrawal becomes possible. In most cases, the wagering requirements specifically apply to bonuses.


  • How Old am I eligible to play with real money?


The legal age of gambling depends on your state’s laws. In most places, the legal gambling age is from 18 years. 


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