Get rummy on your smartphone and you can play it with ease if you know the rules

Get rummy on your smartphone and you can play it with ease if you know the rules

Rummy is one of the most interesting card games. It involves a lot of skills and strategies. Players who play Rummy professionally or those who play it online, usually have an excellent playing strategy. These strategies are ideally built on the basic rummy rules that are followed in a game. The rummy rules teach a player how to improve the hand that they have been originally dealt with. Moreover, due to the developments in technology, rummy can now be played on smartphones as well. All you have to do is download rummy app on your phone and play your favorite variant of Rummy anytime you want.

Basic rules of a game of Rummy

For playing Rummy, the first thing that you need to do is get a deck of fifty-two cards. The lowest-ranked card in the deck is the Ace and the highest is the King. A game of Rummy can be played between a group of two to six players. In the group, there are two essential participants, without whom the game cannot be started. One of them is called a dealer while the other is called a scorer. The person who deals the players their cards is called the dealer while the person who keeps a track of everyone’s score during the entire game is called a scorer.

The game starts with the person who is sitting on the dealer’s left. The player would pick a card either from the stockpile or the discard pile. The next player does the same thing during their turn. According to Indian rummy rules, the game moves clockwise in the circle. During the game, each player needs to form their own melds. The melds should contain a set of at least three cards. The melds can contain all or some of their cards invalid combinations.

After your turn ends, you have to discard a card from your hand. The discarded card will be placed on the discard pile. Here comes a tricky Rummy rule that can get quite heavy on you if you are not so skilled with this game. The card that you pick up from the discarded pile, you will not be able to discard the same card in the same turn. It is a rule that players need to throw away another card that is not similar to the card they have picked. However, you have the liberty to discard the card you have picked in your next turn. Another rule of rummy requires the players to turn the discard pile into the stockpile when it runs out.


The main objective of a game of Rummy is to meld cards and form a valid sequence before everyone else. When a player lays off, it is known as going out and that marks the end of the game. However, these are some basic rules that one needs to follow when they are playing Rummy on their phone or any other device. These rules are pretty simple to follow and can help the player to play the game effortlessly.

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