How Do Commercial Truck And Car Accidents Differ?

How Do Commercial Truck And Car Accidents Differ?

When you think of a traffic accident, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a fender bender. However, traffic accidents involving commercial trucks are more common than you may think. These larger vehicles can provide a more drastic collision with more intense injuries than cars can. Let’s take a look at the major differences between car and commercial truck wrecks.

Financial Liability

If you have ever been in a car accident, it’s likely that you exchanged insurance card information with the other driver. That is typically all that is needed in a car accident. However, when a trucking accident occurs you will need to get more.

It’s important to realize that both the truck driver and the trucking carrier company can be held liable for the accident. You should be getting information for both of these entities.

Sleep Deprived Driving

There are no restrictions on the driving times for an automobile. This isn’t the case for commercial trucks. Drivers are only allowed to drive so many hours per work week. Their hours must be logged in a book that must be surrendered to an officer or lawyer upon request. If a truck driver was at fault for an accident due to impaired driving, having their log book as evidence can help to solidify a case.

Overloaded Trucks

When a tractor trailer is overloaded with cargo, it can be extremely difficult to stop. In truck accidents where there is a loaded trailer involved, it’s in your best interest to have a lawyer look into collecting the weight tickets, bills of landing, delivery documents, and other documents related to the cargo.

Truck Malfunctions

When an accident is caused by a trucking malfunction, you should have the malfunction investigated. Each driver is legally bound to do a pre and post-trip inspect. In addition, trucks must be inspected multiple times per year. This exact number varies depending on the state of registration.

The point is to find out if the trucking malfunction was a result of neglect on the account of the driver or trucking company. If either knew about the problem and the potential harm it could cause and they blatantly avoided fixing the problem, they are in neglect.

It’s You Against A Team Of Lawyers

A truck driver typically works for a trucking company. When an accident occurs involving one of their trucks the trucking company will spring into action to collect information at the scene. If their investigators find that they are at fault for the accident, it’s very likely they will try to settle with you for less than what they owe.

You should always hire a skilled attorney that deals with commercial truck collisions. This will ensure you get the right information about how to proceed with your claim and give you the best chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

Coverage Limitations

When a vehicle accident occurs due to another person’s fault, you have the legal right to know the limit of the other person’s insurance coverage. In a trucking accident, this is not the case. The trucking company doesn’t have to reveal their coverage limit until the litigation process begins.

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