How Esports Is Changing Sports Entertainment

How Esports Is Changing Sports Entertainment

Traditional sporting has typically went through little change as the big broadcasting deals keeping the biggest names on TV and away from online platforms have went unchanged, but movement is on the way – with the biggest broadcasting deals in major sporting set to expire over the next few years, the time for change is quickly arriving,  and many of the biggest may now start to eye changes in online streaming if they haven’t already, with esports showing how successful the move forward can be for most.

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The early days of esports were difficult to see growth as there were little opportunities in sharing the live events, at the time big streaming wasn’t really around – but the launch and growth of platforms such as Twitch around a decade ago gave many a platform to use, and games such as League of Legends were able to find the platform to build from once things had started to move back in 2013. Numbers were able to rise quickly too, and back in 2019 the League of Legends world championship was able to show just how far the platforms have come as figures suggest over one-hundred million viewers tuned in over the event, with forty-four million concurrent viewers on the finals day, rivalling even the biggest traditional sporting events – by providing a free and open platform where any viewer can tune in at any time, or even go back and watch previous events without any cost, it has removed the inaccessibility of big broadcasting and changed the way many have viewed entertainment, and may become vital for other names to succeed in the same way.

The change here had been vital to allow for other markets to grow too – ease of broadcasting and more viewers allowed esports betting to grow just as quickly, as many sites can be found here at for example offering more familiarity to the growing market, another space in which traditional sporting has always relied upon – particularly as many of the big bookmakers are moving more toward an online presence than an offline one.

There will be challenges to overcome – some of the big sporting names are moving to paid services such as Amazon adding yet another cost to access for viewers as the number of subscription services goes up, which may have the opposite effect instead as it turns some away, and with the huge costs involved in broadcasting rights in sporting, it’s unlikely any of the big options will want to change to a free or lower cost platform and risk cutting into their own bottom line.

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