How to design a unique garden

How to design a unique garden



Design and Creation of a garden is a process of inspiration and creativity, the creation of a living work of art, which takes some thought in order to work out well. Sizes and colours of plants have to be taken seriously when you are thinking out your new garden, otherwise you can end up with clashing colours or the embarrassing mistake of tall plants at the front of a border and small plants at the back, which would indeed be unique but not the uniqueness you might be looking for!

How to make a garden unique

It’s a question of adding the unexpected, the curious, the eye-catching. Objects such as mirrors which give a false sense of continuity and catch the visitor by surprise, stones and sculptures, hidden areas with fairies or ogres, unusual sculptures, water features, light displays and fountains, unusual ironwork sculptures, boats, barrows or baths being used to grow plants. 

Whatever springs to mind in a creativity session can help to create this unique garden. Gardens are versatile, so bogs and ponds, box mazes, toads having a tea party, there is no end to the uniqueness and quirkiness that you can create, and don’t forget, walls, gates and fences can be painted and decorated uniquely too. You can have a zoo or a horse race on the fence, or just a jungle with a tiger. Home made, hand made and hand painted are a great key to unique elements in any garden.

Gardens can be divided into sections, so you can have a wild wood with toads and fairies, a formal garden with topiary box and a white iron garden furniture set, ready for tea with the Queen. You can have your cottage garden, Foxgloves and Hollyhocks at the back, geraniums at the front. You can have a hanging or climbing garden, a vegetable patch, a water garden, a surprise train set, a dead tree carved into a giraffe or elephant. The key here is thinking and imagining, and that is fun.

What you want is a garden that friends and family admire and neighbours envy, a garden unlike any other. Here are some ideas to start you dreaming:

Creating your dream

So it’s time to put that creativity into practice and create the garden of your dreams. But there is so much heavy work and rearrangement to do. Now it’s time to call in the professional landscaping companies. Landscaping companies can see what you’ve dreamed and planned and turn it into a reality for you, they do all the heavy work, the lifting, shifting and the removal and dumping of whatever is no longer needed so that the garden is ready in weeks rather than months. 

Local landscaping companies will be happy to offer quotes and advice and to make sure that what you want and have planned will fit in your garden space and offer advice on any necessary alterations. They may even add suggestions to make your special garden even more unique. 

Good luck with creating that memorable and special garden space.


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