How to improve your written work by conclusion?

How to improve your written work by conclusion?

The conclusion is an important part of the article, which is responsible for the final opinion of the reader about this article.

The final paragraph connects the main provisions of the essay and its thesis in order to draw a conclusion from the work done. It is also possible for  conclusion to contain recommendations for a more detailed study of the problems indirectly raised in the essay. There are nested, retrospective, reflexive and projective forms of conclusions, which are selected depending on the kind of scientific work.

When is inline output used?

The inline output is used in the conclusion, which describes not the result of the described actions, but the end of the storytelling, in accordance with the temporal order of the moments occurring. As a rule, this kind of output does not resonate with the preamble or the main part of the text.

Retrospective conclusion

The retrospective finale is applicable to essays that track a range of events and historical movement. They are good for essays dealing with historical themes and seeking to give meaning to past events.

Reflective conclusion

The contemplative conclusion used in a persuasive essay should inform readers about the ideas arising from the research on the topic, and convince them that the data provided in the work is binding and accurate. He can collect ideas and lessons from the entire essay.

Projective concluding paragraph

A projective conclusion is good for a research paper or an explanatory essay. This conclusion may contain conclusions that speak about possible solutions to the problem under study. And this may indicate further research or recommendations for solving the problem under study.

To sum up, inline inferences are good for storytelling, flashbacks are good for stories about historical events. Convincing essays require a reflective conclusion to influence the reader’s thoughts. A projective opinion is necessary for research papers or explanatory essays as it provides applicable guidance.


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