Ideal gifts for faraway family and friends

Ideal gifts for faraway family and friends

These days most people have friends and family who live overseas or far away. It is an inevitability really given the allure of foreign travel, favourable exchange rates and love across continents. It all means that as you get older, the people with whom you grew up, your nearest and dearest, end up scattered all over the world. But just because they are far away doesn’t mean that you stop loving them or wanting to remember them on special occasions – think things like birthdays and anniversaries. So how do you go about overcoming the distance? Short of spending all your time travelling to be with them, what gift options work well for friends and family faraway.

Have a drink

It is a safe bet and a good one. Most people like a drink and more specifically, most people living in a faraway place, like a drink that reminds them from home. It could be a local moonshine or liqueur, or it could just be a bottle of quality local wine. The nice angle here is that there are a lot of places where you can buy wine online. So, the packing and postage element of the gifting process is taken care of.

Old favourites

Some things you simply cannot go wrong with. The gift that works for almost all occasions is flowers. For male or female, young or old, anniversary, get well, sympathy or birthday – there is nothing quite like flowers to get the message across. And the good news here is that flowers have been possible to gift across the globe for a long time. Granted, the internet has made the process even easier, but for a very long time, outfits like Inter-Flora have been solving the problem of distance very effectively.

Books made easy

Another gift that has made its way very comfortably into the modern age is the book. For people who like to read, and there are many who fit into that category, books have always been ideal gifts. Distance might have made it hard to post tomes of Booker Prizes words across the globe, but e-readers like Kindles and other have changed all that. Ask your loved one to compile a wish-list on a platform of their choice and then buy it for them. Not only is an eBook cheaper to purchase, there are no delivery issues. For avid readers this really is the perfect choice.


Solve the problem of distance by changing somebody’s location. Either surprise them with a visit to share their special day with them. Or pay for tickets to bring them back home for a trip. This is a fairly expensive gift, but it is something truly special to receive when you are faraway and feeling homesick. Even if the actual travel can only take place at some point in the distant future, just the knowledge that a trip home and the opportunity to spend time with family and loved-ones is in the offing, is enough to make the gloom lift a little and the future look a whole lot brighter.

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