Importance Of Temperature In A Restaurant Kitchen

Importance Of Temperature In A Restaurant Kitchen

The clients of a local come in search of a set of sensations that turn their visit into an unforgettable experience. Among the factors that influence when achieving this is the decoration of the place, the order of the tables, the absence of noise, smells, and the music and its volume. However, a factor that stands out above most is the temperature in the kitchen of your restaurant, since the latter can influence that a customer does not enjoy the food or wants to leave the establishment as soon as possible.

Having a restaurant with a reasonably calm environment, as well as bright and with a stable and pleasant temperature, will result in the consumer enjoying the visit more and, therefore, continue eating, in addition to returning on another occasion. Otherwise, if a client is hot or cold and feels uncomfortable during their experience, they will most likely leave early and never return.

It is for all this reason that it is essential to have, as well as to choose correctly, an air conditioning unit that guarantees maximum efficiency and control over the restaurant’s general atmosphere, making customers feel comfortable and at ease.

Dual-use devices for an ideal temperature

To make clients and workers feel comfortable, it is necessary to install some type of air conditioning on the premises which, if possible, also has a heat pump. In this way, it would serve both to heat in cold times and cool down the temperature in the kitchen of a restaurant and the living room. This air must be well integrated into the restaurant space, thus satisfying every one of the establishment’s air conditioning needs, such as the temperature of a restaurant’s kitchen.

For this, it is advisable to have the support of professionals to install the air conditioning or air conditioning systems. Before installation, these will carry out a complete check of the thermal load that your air conditioning device must have; this way, you will know the necessary ” frigories.”

How to maintain the right temperature?

There are several ways used by hospitality professionals to keep the temperature of a restaurant kitchen to the ideal amount. We would talk about the following measures:

  • To control the temperature, both in the kitchen and in the restaurant, the first thing that is recommended is to install a thermostat that will help regulate the heating, and thus you can maintain an average of 20 degrees.
  • You can install a heating system on the premises. Use electric radiators (which are clean and straightforward to install); These heat an establishment quickly, only at a short distance, so it is necessary to install several medium-sized ones. The problem with this is that, depending on the restaurant’s isolation and orientation, energy consumption can skyrocket.
  • Have an adequate air conditioning system for your premises according to its size. Schaumburg specialties will provide you with gadgets for your kitchen oven that will help you maintain the tight temperature,

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