Internet Safety: Making Sure Your Kids Stay Safe on Social Media

Internet Safety: Making Sure Your Kids Stay Safe on Social Media

Kids are inseparable from their digital devices these days. They use the internet and social media sites much more than most adults. They spend a lot of time scrolling their newsfeed and watching content on social media that it has now become a full-time job for many parents to keep a close eye on their online activity.

The majority of kids find themselves comfortable while using the internet and various social media sites but we should not forget that they are still in the learning phase and may not be able to detect online dangers and threats of being online all the time, especially when it is about social media.

Parents can resort to various internet and social media safety tips to protect their kids from harmful online dangers. One such is to install hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone devices or any other electronic devices their kids might be using.

Monitoring kid’s online activity is one thing whereas communicating and addressing your kids about several online risks and challenges is another. Both these things are crucial to let your kids have a safe internet experience.

Let us explain a few helpful internet safety and social media safety tips so your kids can use the internet freely and spend time on social media sites more safely.

Monitor Your Kid’s Online Activity

First things first, you need to monitor your kid’s online activity closely. As much as it is important to keep an eye on your kid in the real world, it is also equally important to be fully aware of their digital life. Below, we have shared some important tips for tracking your kid’s social media activity.

Enforce Age Requirements on Social Media Apps

Almost all social media apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. come with age requirements. Be sure to enforce them before allowing your kids to use them.

Check Privacy Settings

It is important that you check the privacy settings on social media apps almost regularly. Most social media companies keep updating their privacy settings and policies so make sure you are aware of them and apply them as soon as you can. Some kids are smart enough to disable the privacy settings and can get around them so be sure to keep an eye on the settings all the time.

Change the Settings on Your Kid’s Device

Before handing kid’s their first smartphone, you need to change the settings on their device so they can ask your permission before downloading and installing an app on their device.

Learn Kid’s Online Dialect

Kids have their own language when they communicate with their friends either in real world or online world. You should be aware of their dialect and know what they are talking about.

Add People Who They Know

Your kids should know their network. They should not add people on their social media account whom they haven’t met in person. As a parent, it is your responsibility to advise your kid to never approve friend requests from people who they do not know in real life. Also, your kids should also know that they should never meet someone with whom they have just interacted online.

Stay Away from Imposters

Kids should beware of imposters found on various social media platforms. Some users create fake profiles and pretend to be someone else, often disguised as a kid, only to get in touch with your kid. Be sure that you have educated your kid about imposters, catfishing, and cyberstalking. Your kid should know about the red flags that they need to look out for.

Disable Kid’s Location Services

Kids need to protect themselves as much as they can when they are using social media. Most kids have the habit of putting statuses and check-ins on their feeds, letting others know about their current whereabouts. Parents should make sure that the location services on their kid’s phone have been disabled so their location cannot be shared with the rest of the world.

Install Monitoring/Parental Control Apps

You can install monitoring or a parental control app on your kid’s phone to remotely monitor their online activity. Android spy software or iPhone monitoring app can be installed on the kid’s phone, depending on the type of device they are using. By deploying monitoring apps and enabling parental control features, you can keep an eye on your kid’s social media activity and keep them safe from online dangers.

Talk to Your Kids About Internet Safety

Setting up parental controls and installing monitoring apps on your kid’s device is one thing. Communicating with your kids about internet safety is another. It’s important to have conversations with your kids about social media safety so you can enlighten them about how to avoid pedophiles, prevent cyberbullying, and stay away from engaging with people who they do not know in real life.

You need to educate your kids about some basic social media safety tips so they can know about the red flags and protect themselves from potential online dangers. Before you can address your kids about how to keep themselves safe on social media, you need to first educate yourself about various social media sites. Find out what kind of apps and sites your kid is using. Always read the reviews for that app, find out the age limits, and read about their privacy policies.

You also need to teach your kid about posting on social media accounts. Tell them that once they delete a post or a photo from their social media account, it does not mean that it gets permanently deleted. All their online activities whether it is a comment, like or share becomes a part of the digital footprint.

If they post inappropriate or embarrassing content on social media, it could harm their online reputation. It may not seem like a big deal to them now but it could be a problem for them in the future especially when they get older and look for a job or enter some college.

Last but not least, make sure your kids know the importance of privacy. Almost all social media sites want to know your full name, date of birth, name of the school, and hometown. Do not allow your kids to share too much of their personal information online. If they happen to expose too much of personal information on the internet, they could become vulnerable to identity theft if there is a data breach.



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