Is travel the secret to a long life?

Is travel the secret to a long life?

Here’s a story of an 86-year old June Scott who has visited the entire seven continents and almost 87 countries around the globe. She was able to visit Cuba, and experience to sleep in a pop-up tent in the world’s largest sand desert. Besides, she was also able to explore the least chosen places on Earth like the Arabian Peninsula’s Empty Quarter. Almost every month she visited a certain destination. She also goes with her family and hikes dunes which are over 900 feet high. Then he flew over the Skeleton Coast on board a tiny plane. Also, she kayaked with seals in Namibia. Don’t forget to check your flight status to be aware if there are changes on your flight.

As you will notice, she’s not just a simple grandmother with a passport full of stamps. She’s also a participant in the Northwestern University’s Super Aging study. It is a research work that is created to analyze the brains of people who seem to be resistant to the detrimental memory shift or changes that are often associated with aging.

It’s a fact that most of us age wherein our brains also shrink. This results in a decline in our thinking skills or scientifically known as cognition. So, what do you think travel has to deal with it? The answer depends on you. As per Scott, she says that travel keeps her on her youthful disposition. Being a curious type of person, she wants to be a lifelong learner, and travel makes life much interesting and fun.

The majority of travelers rent a cottage when they visit Michigan or Wisconsin. But as per Scott and her late husband, they spent their summer by exploring the spectacular U.S National Parks inclusive of their children. To give you an idea, Scott became a teacher at the age of 40 but still, it does not become a hindrance to her passion to travel a lot. Through her travels, she was so lucky to see all the 17 species of penguins.

Not all Super Agers are world travelers but as per the research, they tend to be socially active and do volunteerism act especially for those homeless, genuinely participate in church groups, play cards and read stories to young children.

And yes, it’s no longer a secret that sociability is one of the traits that prove one crucial part of getting and growing old. Social connections can also help them face and alleviate issues like depression. But please do note that conversation does make one’s brain function.

According to the geriatric psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, Melissa Gartenberg Livney, Psy.D., people travel usually with their partner, spouse or group of friends which are fully driven by the sense of community and a format that can help each one to connect with the similar types of personality.

Scott was able to meet friends around the globe. Despite the differences in clothing, faces, traditions, and beliefs, we’re all human and want the same things. She has best friends which are 50 years old and just last year, she just made a list of the people that she has lost. Unfortunately, she lost 18 friends concluding that people are not immortal.

As per Scott, traveling gives her energy to duel her sense of adventure. If she doesn’t travel, she does not feel well. She’s 80 years old now, but still want to travel and be challenged. She’s still flexible and can even lug her luggage starting from the airport and walk miles.

She encourages everyone to believe in travel to be the ambassadors of the world that we live in. Traveling is an eye-opening opportunity to learn things out. It entails various benefits, not only for the brain to work but for our experiences to deepen and to have lifetime memories.

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