Management software for childcare centers and after school programs

Management software for childcare centers and after school programs

All the working parents worry about their children when it comes to after school pick-up. They might be having a hectic schedule at the office and may be not able to pick their children from school. There we see the need of after school pickup programs offered by some agencies. Since the pickup plans are centralized, staff or parents can check the pickup plan for each enrolled student. Once you register with them, they will provide you the details so that you can see your child’s activities throughout the day by logging in to an application. This parent communication app makes sure that you won’t miss special moments of your child.

Also, the safety of the child at the custody of a childcare center is most important. Traditional way of tracking attendance might not be feasible and looks messy incase if they are many students. That’s why there is a need of automated and sophisticated student attendance tracking system which takes care of this task easily and hassle free.

School pickup plans

It is important to securely pickup the enrolled students at the specified time from the specified place and track them. With the school pickup plans, all the information is available at a single location and tracking becomes easy. You can also create monthly tasks and save time from doing repeated tasks. You can stay updated with each day’s tasks such as if the driver gets changed, cancelling pickups etc. in any of these circumstances the information will be communicated through SMS alerts, emails and notifications through application.

Communication app

This application helps not only the parents but also for other parties involved i.e. drivers, schools and childcare centers. Based on the driver’s task, schools can manage the payroll. Once the children are enrolled it’s not necessary that all of them have to be picked up from the same place, so it enables picking up students from multiple places and tracking them using the app. 

Drivers can see their schedules task information for the day or even for the whole month including name of student, school address, time of pickup etc. They will get instant notifications about new task updates so that they won’t miss any child. Once they complete their pickup task they can check in using application by clicking the students name with takes seconds to update the things.

Parents also can keep track of their children using the app. Once the child is picked up the relevant information like who picked up, from which place, at what time the child has been picked up etc will be sent to the parents through notifications or SMS alerts if they subscribed.

Attendance tracking system

It’s a necessary tool required by childcare centers since it is required by the government. Government offers subsidiary for selected students so it’s important to track the attendance for these students. Government does licensing audit for childcare centers during this time it asks for complete attendance record of students at the centre. Some centers even offer pickup and drop off services because of which tracing system is really important. 


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