Mexico Baja California Sur – An Ultimate Tourist Destination

Mexico Baja California Sur – An Ultimate Tourist Destination

Baja California Sur, a state which is a perfect amalgamation of mountainous land, desert lands, oasis, narrow canyons, Islands and stretching coastlines being bordered by different water bodies. The state steeped deep in the mysteries of the past.

Attractions of Baja California Sur:

La Paz:

La Paz is the capital of Mexico Baja California Sur which serves as a premier travel destination. Here the locals welcome warmly al the tourists who visit here for vacation. The capital serves as the perfect balance between preserved natural surroundings and the quiet ambience of the local’s life. Here, another attraction is the Sea Of Cortez which is also known as ‘World’s Aquarium’ houses endemic species including dolphins, whales, hammer-headed sharks, sea lions, manta rays and other marine lives. There are several best price boats in La Paz, BCS available which you can rent yourself to explore the World Aquarium species.


Loreto is a perfect blend of colonial heritage and modern structures. Magnificent cave paintings and the semi-desert niches sheltering endangered species adding much beauty to the place. Here the gray whales accompanied by their offsprings, are majorly attracted by the water sports enthusiasts.

Los Cabos:

Los Cabos is another fabulous destination, which got outlandish beach in Mexico. It is the perfect place to relax and chill out during the holidays. The place is much famous about its charismatic marinas and majestic golf courses.

Apart from the above attractions, the place comprises of a group of Islands and other hotspots attracting more and more visitors to this part of the world.


Baja California Sur promises you with enough activities such as lazing about in the peaceful bays or basking in the sun or strolling along the seaside or relaxing in a calm breeze of white sand beaches. Mexico Baja California Sur offers a group of activities that help you to relax mentally and physically. Here you can do adventurous water sports such as snorkelling, engaging self in sports fishing, diving with the dolphins, boating, etc. All such physical activities guarantee you a wonderful experience. You can even walk into the historical museums or stroll around the handicraft shops to stimulate the mind and the eyes. Baja California Sur activities offer the best of the challenge sports like mountain biking and kayaking. The ancient cave paintings, remnants of the past era further adding beauty to the place.

Vacation Rentals:

Whenever you plan to make your trip, the first thing concerned is accommodation. But to make a trip to Baja California Sur, you don’t have to worry about accommodation, as Baja provides you with excellent all-around facilities such as lodging, food and transportation. The lodging facilities include five-star hotels and luxury condominiums. Some of the famous hotels include Casa Natalia, Danzante, Todos Santos Inn, Hacienda Santa Maria and a lot more. In most cases, these vacation rentals are mansions or haciendas in earlier days, but now they reconstructed and remodelled as hotels and condominiums.

It is better to choose professional tours, as it covers the popular local attractions in the region. Thus, plan your trip to Baja California Sur properly, to make it a memorable vacation.

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