Oxandrolone Side Effects to be Aware of

Oxandrolone Side Effects to be Aware of

Oxandrolone Anavar is a mild steroid compared to most other products that you get in the market. Many people stack it with other steroids to enhance the effect. However, this doesn’t mean that the drug doesn’t have side effects. Like most other drugs, there are chances for Oxandrolone to have side effects too. It is necessary to cycle the drug properly and for limited duration so that you don’t extend the exposure.

Oxandrolone Side Effects

There are always some basic side effects that will occur when you use a steroid. Your body takes time to adapt to a new cycle, which leads it to having different reactions. If Anavar is associated with heavy steroid use or stacked with Strombra Stanozolol, it can have added side effects than usual.

The most general conditions from Anavar are skin color changing, vomiting, nausea, headache, and more. Some oily-skinned people can have acne too. Skin color changing depends on overall skin tone. There are chances to yellowing but that should not be assumed as jaundice. People have higher and lower libido, they can also face acute hair loss. It is weird that you can have more hair on face due to higher testosterone, but lesser on your head.

There could be some more conditions with the drug too. A person can have a shift in their mood and get more prone to being angry or anxious. They can also fall into depression or have trouble while they sleep.

Side effects in Men

Men can have problems to go to the washroom, have swelling chest and prolonged erections. If erectile condition remains for hours, you must stop using the drug and consult a doctor. Men who want to give birth shouldn’t use Oxandrolone. It decreases sperm count and reduce male fertility. If you take other drugs with Anavar, you could have other side effects than these. Trenbolone and Winstrol are worse when it comes to stacking with Anavar.

Side effects in Women

With low amount of testosterone in the drug, women don’t face virilization. Virilization is obtaining masculine features in a female body. Not having this is one reason why females love to use Anavar.

Women can have deeper voice tone and more facial hair. They can also have larger clitoris and irregular menstrual. Women who want to conceive should not opt to intake the drug. She should also not consume when she nurses her baby.

Right dosages

The key to prevent serious steroid reactions is by only following the right dosages. 20mg of Anavar is perfect for women per day, while men can have 50mg to 100mg. If associated with heavy steroid use, Anavar can be harmful for both men and women. It is necessary to know what you stack with the drug. You can have heart failure with higher amount of water held in body. You could also feel shortness of breath, swelling in feet, hands or ankles, and more. Be cautious about your dosage to avoid side effects as much as possible.

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