Popular Actors of Tollywood

Popular Actors of Tollywood

Some actors develop into greatness, while others are just born with the talent to become great. Tollywood has certainly provided very talented actors to grace our screens. But some are just too good to not use as often as possible, due to their versatility and ability to embody a role; it is no surprise that they keep everyone begging for more. On aha Cinema you can watch a variety of Telugu genres, but first our list of the most popular stars in Tollywood movies. They have contributed to more than just the world of Telugu cinema and it so happens that they are related. There are more Telugu movies in aha where you can stream and Watch here.


Starting his career in 1978 with the hit film ‘Punadhirallu’, he has starred in over 150 films, considered to be one of the greats contributing a lot to the Telugu cinema. More than just an actor, Chiranjeevi is also a master breakdancer and a politician, a poll conducted in 2006 named Chiranjeevi the most popular actor. Known as one of the men who changed the face of Indian Cinema.

Pawan Kalyan

The younger brother of Chiranjeevi, a known philanthropist who has many talents within the film industry, an actor who produces, directs, screenwriters and is also a politician and writer. Pawan Kaylan’s acting career began in 1996 and had his breakthrough role in 1998 starring in Tholi Prema, which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for that year. Google listed Pawan Kalyan as the most searched Indian celebrity politician on Google Search.

Allu Arjun:

Arjun has won five Film fare Awards and two Nandi Awards.with his grandfather being the talented Allu Ramalingaiah, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan being his uncles, Allu Arjun certainly has a wealth of talent around him. Receiving a breakthrough role in ‘Arya’, he was propelled into stardom where critics deemed the movie an instant blockbuster. Arjun was nominated for the Filmfare Best Telugu Actor Award and he won a Special Jury award at the Nandi Awards ceremony, two CineMAA Awards for Best Actor and Best Actor Jury.

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