Promotional Gifts – Blend of Personal and Professional

Promotional Gifts – Blend of Personal and Professional

With hectic competition in the market, the only way to acquire and retain customers is by giving them the special attention they need. One way of making them feel special is by offering them promotional gifts.

Promotional gifts are gifts branded with the company credentials and chosen to express the goodwill of the company towards its customers. Some companies do not understand the true value of a promotional gift and offer gift vouchers, free subscriptions or coupons instead. These type of gifts lack the personal touch which a customer deserves.  So it is best for companies to choose promotional gifts that blend the professional relationship with a personal touch. Take a look at some of the promotional gifts that blend the professional and personal.

Promotional gifts that blend professional and personal

Certain promotional gifts are suitable only for office use while some are best used at home. Here are some gifts that you can offer to your customers and clients, serving both purposes.

  1. Folding umbrella

You never know when it might rain. Why not offer a handy foldable umbrella to your customer or client to save him from getting drenched in the downpour? This trendy yet tactful promotional gift is ideal because your customer can use it anywhere.  The best advantage of the folding umbrella is that it is such a useful item that none will refuse. Secondly, the umbrella has enough surface area when opened up to display your company logo and credentials to create brand awareness.  Even when folded, your company logo can be embossed on the handle to promote the brand.

Available in different colours and sizes, the folding umbrella is one gift that blend the professional and personal and will be truly appreciated for its functional value.

  1. Calendar

A calendar is an accessory that can be used both at home and office. Gift an attractive and well-designed calendar with notable features to please your client. Get it branded with your company credentials and watch it occupy a prime position at your client’s office or home. Make sure your calendar is aesthetically appealing printing it in eye-catching colours and designs. Be it a wall or a desk calendar, this promotional gift is best for professional and personal use.

  1. Tote bag

Talk of tote bags and everybody wants one. Yes, tote bags are trendy and functional accessories for both home and office. Everybody has a use for a tote bag. Office goers carry files, laptops or lunches while homemakers use totes for shopping. So gift your client an attractively- designed, branded tote bag and watch them smile with pleasure. Procure sturdy tote bags of recyclable material like canvas or jute and get them designed innovatively from your print provider. Present this gift of professional and personal use to your clients to win their loyalty and appreciation.

  1. Sunglasses

Want to gift something cool and functional to your clients? Get them these chic, customized sunglasses.

Yes, sunglasses are ideal promotional gifts that blend both personal and professional use. Your client can carry these sunglasses always and wear them while driving for a meeting or even going for a weekend getaway.  Stylish and sensational, these sunglasses will be your client’s preferred choice.

  1. Diary

At home or office, a diary is a person’s best friend.  Even in this hi-tech age, the diary has not lost its charm. Everyone needs a diary to jot down their thoughts, take notes, schedule tasks and make plans at the office. At home, the diary is used as a daily journal for keeping track of the daily activities and even for home accounting. Wherever it may be used, the diary makes a wonderful promotional gift for everyday use.

Had a look at these special promotional gifts that blend the professional and personal? Now, why wait? Just upload your design and company credentials and order them in bulk from your trusted provider. Offer your clients these promotional gifts to turn your professional association into a professional one.


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