Rummy Game Explained in 500 Words

Rummy Game Explained in 500 Words

Do you want to learn about rummy? It’s a pretty interesting game and can attract the attention of any individual seeking skill-based games. Most important of all, rummy is very easy to play. Almost every household in India must have had an encounter with the rummy game, considering the fact that it is a commonly played card game on festivals such as Diwali. As the popularity of online rummy portals increases gradually with every passing day, more people are interested in knowing about rummy. So, let us find out the basic rules for playing the game in the following points.

Start with the Fundamentals

  • The basic requirement for playing a rummy game is a deck of 52 cards. The ranking of the cards starts from low to high from Ace and then moving towards the higher value cards.
  • The cards have points according to the numbers printed on them. The Ace, Jack, Queen, and King cards have a value of 10 points.
  • The next crucial factor about rummy is the selection of a dealer and a scorer. A dealer is a person responsible for dealing with the cards, and the scorer maintains the score for the game.

How is it played?

  • Generally, the person on the left of the dealer starts the play.
  • The game starts when the first player picks a card from the closed pile or the discard pile.
  • The next player would have to pick one card. It could be the one discarded by the previous player or a card from the closed deck.
  • One of the important facts about the rummy game is that it is based on draw and discard. So, players have to discard one card after finalizing the card they want to pick.
  • However, you should remember that you cannot discard a card that you picked from the open pile. You have to wait for another round for that.
  • The rules of Indian Rummy clearly indicate that the play must carry on in a clockwise direction around the table.

The objective of A Game of Rummy 

  • The objective of a game of rummy is to form sequences or sets.
  • The sequences in rummy are a group of three or four cards belonging to the same suite, arranged consecutively. For example, a combination of 3, 4, and 5 of clubs or jack, queen, and the king of hearts.
  • The sets in rummy are the arrangement of three or four cards of the same ranking. The cards in a set could belong to different suites. For example, three 4s of diamonds form a set.

The Path Ahead

That’s all about the basics of the rummy game! Players could use the above-mentioned information for starting their first round of rummy. However, they should also know about the significance of practice in the improvement of their abilities to win. Subsequently, players should gain knowledge about the best practices and tricks for winning the game. For example, improving adaptability, mathematical skills, and working on concentration capabilities.


On a concluding note, you can clearly observe that learning rummy is very easy. The discussion presented here showed a clear outline of the basic rules and the method to play rummy. Don’t wait anymore to play India’s favorite card game. Register on a trustworthy online rummy portal like Rummy Passion right now!

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