Seville foods that only locals know about

Seville foods that only locals know about

Seville, a captivating part of Spain, is fun-filled city that can attract anybody with little effort. This part of Spain is known for traditional and cultural richness, and great cuisine. Spanish food is flavorful and many of its dishes have some unique story behind them.

So, when you choose to go on Seville Food Tours, put your hair down, pick you spirit and mingle with locals. The experience is going to be far better than sifting the city in an AC cab. The best way to achieve this experience is going on wine and food tour.

By doing so, you may come across typical dishes that only locals know about, such as:

  • Tapas:

Tapas is actually served in a number of bars located near to each other, usually. The idea is to offer the traveler a bunch of delicacies to go with the wine. Hopping from one tapas bar to another is known as tapeo. The eateries here allow travelers to taste small portions of dishes over a glass of wine; thus, you get to taste a lot and explore deeper.

  • Salmorejo:

Breaking down the ingredients’ list of this dish gives us tomato, bread, olive oil, and just salt and garlic as spice. This is a unique take on Spanish cold tomato soup and is normally served with white anchovies on the top.

  • Croquetas:

Ham, shrimp, cheese, potato and bread form the main ingredients of this fritter-like dish. The local sherry is served with this quick and short bites dish. You can have any variant of your choice by changing the ingredients as per your taste. This is commonly served in bars for the people who want to drink anything and everything on the house.

So, do not forget to ask for these dishes. There are certain sweet dishes and soups also available and don’t also forget to stay prepared for long talks after day meal, a resting time after lunch typical of Seville culture.

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