The Darkest And Funniest Dead Baby Jokes

The Darkest And Funniest Dead Baby Jokes

Like every other field, humor and comedy need to continuously expand to cater to the audience. Entering the world of dark humor could make you flinch a bit but with the laughter they ensure, you are bound to stay longer and delve deeper. Dead baby jokes is one such area that many people might frown at first, but then they realize how much potential does this area of dark humor holds. The jokes also make a good conversation starter at a baby shower.

Why dead baby jokes are a separate genre?

Dead baby jokes are very versatile and they can be fit in numerous contexts. Be it a meeting with friends, a stand-up comedy, or just a random text to someone, adding dead baby jokes may make you seem unusual, initially, but when they burst out laughing, they become a part of it.Since this area of humor is vast, the series of jokes will never end. There are already many jokes that make people chuckle and new ones are being added to the never-ending list.

These jokes form a part of black comedy or dark humor and are not for everyone to handle. With the vast collection of Dead baby jokes, you can choose your favorite and pass on the laughter to your friends. 

Where can you access the repository of dead baby jokes?

Dead baby jokes can be looked up online. Searching for them in a browser will flash you with hundreds and thousands of these jokes. You can then freely choose to forward these sinister jokes to your friends or family. Here are some of the examples of dead baby jokes:

  • What is the difference between a pizza and a baby? The pizza does not shriek when you put it in an oven.
  • What is the difference between a dead baby and a hooker? Wow, you must be sick for not knowing that!
  • Once a pregnant woman had to deliver her child in an office. One of the workers smashed the child against a wall and when the woman screamed in horror, he shouted “April fools! It was stillborn.”
  • “Just found out that my wife is expecting, what should I take home, a yellow or a redhanger?”
  • What is filthier than 5 infants in a trash can? One infant in ten trash cans.

The list is long and it would not be possible to tell them all here.These are only some of the good jokes that you can access, read and share.


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