Top Places for Vacations in Miami

Top Places for Vacations in Miami

Miami is a pretty big city, but it’s not comparable to LA or NY, it’s pretty easy to follow, and you can visit the most interesting places in a week. It is well known because of movies and TV series, but most of the people who live near it like beaches the most. It can be the perfect spot to rest and don’t think about work.

There are many places you can visit and do a bunch of activities to fill your day. For those who like water, there are many fun water activities in South Beach. For others, there are places which describe different cultures and their food. It is famous for its restaurants and Art Deco architecture.

Places to Visit

Little Havana for example, has a huge number of Cuban immigrants in South Florida, so they all congregated in this one little area of Miami and made it its own small city. You can experience the Cuban food, culture, cigars, whatever you really want to when you want the feeling of going to Havana. Do food is the first thing you should try there, and it is cheaper than average Miami restaurant. You can always hear live music from the streets and on the weekend’s streets are closed and meant for partying.

Similar to Little Havana, you can also visit Little Haiti, where their people with bohemian people have congregated and made their own community. If you plan going there you can expect very nice people that will welcome you and offer anything you need. It is a great place to go look at some murals, some beautiful street artist, and a lot of other awesome places like Chef Creole where you can grab a bite. Click here to read more.

The Wynwood Walls is the area of Miami that is becoming more popular throughout the years. They have an Art Festival that happens once a year with a lot of visitors. It is an absolutely free attraction where you just go in and look at beautiful murals and museums. On Saturday and Sunday nights they make street parties with street performers.

Miami Beach

The really cool thing about South Florida whether it is on the east coast or the west coast is that the coast is kind of broken up into a bunch of islands. Just getting to Miami Beach is an absolutely incredible drive. If you try to get to Alton Road, you will have an amazing view because everything is surrounded by water. The island of Miami Beach itself caters to a bunch of different things, but most importantly South Beach, Lincoln Road, and South point Park are three highlights you have to visit.

Explore the on-time lively experience of moving around the Mediterranean sea with Sailing Croatia. Crystal clear blue waters, white sandy colorful beaches, and cuisine is something you should never miss.

In the South Point Park you can watch cruise ships come in and out, or you can rent jet skis, paddleboard, parasailing, whatever you really want. It is a beautiful place to relax and take a walk to take away stress. For people who love shopping, Lincoln Road is the place to go. It is considered as a must see when you come to Miami.

Places near Miami

Some of the spots near Miami are a great place to visit, and if you are already near them, it shouldn’t be a problem. The first place is the Everglades, among the most unique and beautiful places in the world. Their national park is a huge reserve that is just celebrated for its natural beauty. You can go there and have airboat tours, meet local Native Americans, see people wrestle alligators, so be sure to grab a camera.

Read more about it here:

Miami Food

You can find every type of Hispanic and every type of Caribbean food. Sushi is really on point because seafood is huge in Miami. Some dishes you should taste are Platonos which are fried plantains, Cuban sandwich if you are into sandwiches, and with those, you can have a Cuban coffee which is well-known in the world.

From the Jamaican side, you should try the jerk chicken and Jamaican patties which are filled with beef or vegetables. Food culture is amazing in Miami, and the ratings are great. You could plan the whole trip on trying different food and you won’t get disappointed.

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