Watch Family Thriller ‘SahasamSwasagaSagipo’ Movie Online at Aha

Looking to stream a family based movie?

Then don’t worry there are many movies which have family related stories. Many of us are willing to watch family thrillers as they contain the best theme as well as they provide an accurate meaning. Here is the movie SahasamSwasagaSagipo where you can get the movie which has thriller suspension as well as family entertainer. You can enjoy the movie as it has lots of fun going around.

Want to stream Telugu Movie ‘SahasamSwasagaSagipo’ online?

There are various platforms which provide Telugu movies with best experience but here is the new OTT aha videos where you can stream the movie in the best angle as it gives you the best version to visualize the movie.

Story line

The movie SahasamSwasagaSagipo was directed by Gautham Menon under the production of MiryalaRavinder Reddy. The movie is about how a youngster falls in love and how he suffers in getting his life successful.

Coming to the story actor Naga Chaitanya acts as DCP where he is named as RajinikanthMurlidhar. In the story he is an MBA graduate and also a Bike enthusiast where he wants to live with his friends Mahesh, Sham, Srikanth and auto driver Selvam. Then he gets the news that his sister has been harassed by someone, and he goes to beat him there he sees his sister friend Leela and falls in love with him. Leela stays in his home so that he starts to enjoy himself with Leela. But suddenly Leela gets the news that her parents have got in an accident. To know what happens next in the movie watch the movie online at Aha.

Artists performance

Actor Naga Chaitanya has acted well to his given role and fulfilled it. Comedy has been good with Naga Chaitanya and his friends. Actress Manjima Mohan has shown class acting and also giventhe best expressions wherever required.

Technical Aspects

The locations which are selected by the director are good and also suited for the movie.  Conditions are also used very well for the direction of the movie. BDM was attractive to get the movie in a very good version. Cinematography is ok for the movie direction.


  1. The movie SahasamSwasagaSagipo has the best story and the director showed the youngster’s life in a beautiful version.
  2. Songs are very well composed and also got a good impression in the audience’s mind.
  3. The whole Cast of the movie was selected well by the director and also got the movie in goof version with their brilliant action.

Cast and crew

Actor: Naga Chaitanya

Actress: Manjima Mohan

Other characters: RakenduMouli, Anjali Rao

Director: Gautham Menon

Producer: M. Ravinder Reddy

Music director: A.R. rahman

Release date: 11th November 2016


The movie has got a good impression in the audience view due to its good story. Cast also gave their best roles to get the movie successful. Comedy has been done to get the audience entertained. Overall the movie has the best story as well as it gives the best meaning to all who visualize the movie.

Watch the best Telugu Cinema ‘SahasamSwasagaSagipo’ online at Aha!

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